Why I am an omnivore

Ann Marie made a comment the other day that sums up why I am an omnivore in better words than I have managed to bring together at this point.
I’m an animist. I think everything has spirit and consciousness. These words hit the nail on the head.

In response to someone making a comment that cow’s milk is for calves…
“I’m so tired of hearing that phrase. What does it even mean? It’s flawed logic.

Follow this slippery slope:

Eggs are for baby chicks that will grow into chickens. So we shouldn’t eat eggs either.

Sprouts are for seeds to grow into plants. So we shouldn’t eat sprouts or plants either.

Meat is part of an animal, and if we eat it, that animal can’t live. So we shouldn’t eat meat either.

Fruit and nuts have seeds, so it needs to drop to the ground or be eaten by animals which will then be dispersed in the ground via their manure. So we shouldn’t eat fruit or nuts either.

So we shouldn’t drink milk or eat eggs or meat or even sprouts or plants or fruit or nuts.

Perhaps we should all become Breatharians. Oh, right, but humans need food to live. Should we stop eating and die out so that plants and animals can live?

People have been drinking milk and making cheese and butter for thousands of years. It’s a healthy, nutrient dense food and cows and goats produce plenty — way more than their babies need. When we keep cows and goats, they fertilize the land and produce healthy top soil. We need healthy top soil in order to continue civilization. If we don’t have healthy top soil, we will perish. Every civilization throughout history that has perished has always had a lack of good top soil. We need animal manure for good soil. This system works and it has worked for thousands of years.

In lieu of milk and dairy, people must eat other things to get the calcium and other nutrients. The traditional Japanese drink fish broth with every meal in lieu of dairy.

There is no population of humans who has ever thrived without animal products. Period. We need animal products.”

4 responses to “Why I am an omnivore

  1. And all God’s people said, “Amen!” 🙂

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  3. Love this post! My husband would heartily agree with you. He always points to the canine teeth as evidence we should eat animals meats!

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