You mean you seriously eat that?

As I mentioned in the How I Got Here post, one of my decisions on whether to keep eating meat was being able to consume organ meats. I also mentioned my failure in youth to be able to eat liver. Truthfully, dear readers, I tried then. I could not make myself swallow the liver. I would chew and chew and chew, and no amount of mastication would get that down my throat. The only time there was a dinner table battle in my youth was over liver.
Now, I know the benefits of eating liver, and have done a lot to get more of it in my diet. For the last few months, my work lunches have been the same thing: sandwiches with raw braunschweiger. All the benefits of liver mentioned above PLUS the enzymes that are often killed in cooking. It actually tastes better to me than cooked liver, because it doesn’t have the bitterness.
This recipe is from a Swedish magazine and was published quite some time ago. The onions and tomatoes provide the vitamin C necessary for your body to properly use all the iron found in liver. Plus, the bacon makes it all the better.
For those of you who do not follow the Nourishing Traditions cookbook, I will share a tip: soak the liver in lemon juice for a few hours before cooking to draw out impurities. It apparently also helps with the taste issue. I have not done this myself yet, but the next time this gets cooked, it will be happening.

Liver in red wine with bacon and onions

1 lb calves liver
3 tbs flour
3 – 4 yellow onions
about 10 slices bacon
oil for frying (and nothing unhealthy, no frying in vegetable oil or shortening)
2 – 3 tbs tomato sauce
1 cup red wine

Mix flour, salt and pepper and turn the thin slices of liver in the flour mixture. Slice the onions and sautee them in cooking oil (olive or coconut) until transparent and slightly browned. Remove the onions to a plate and try to keep them warm. Fry the bacon in remaining oil until just crisp and remove them from the pan and try to keep them warm. Fry the liver slices in remaining bacon fat and oil for a few minutes on each side. Pour the red wine over the liver slices, when the wine starts to bubble, remove liver slices to a serving platter and spread onions and bacon slices over. Add the tomato sauce to the frying pan and stir together. Place the sauce in a serving dish.

Serves 5

5 responses to “You mean you seriously eat that?

  1. Soli, that sounds great. I really want to do that!

  2. This is really making me crave liver.

  3. Great article, thank you. I am very interested in finding a diet that lowers my sugar intake. I currently have a sweet-tooth, and am finding it difficult to find meal plans, what to eat for snacks, etc. While diabetes is not something that runs in my family, I am still concerned and would like to be smart and take a proactive approach to my health.

    • syncreticmystic

      Ivory, what really helped me (and I will post about it more fully at some point) was to just start modifying the quality of the sweet things I ate. That, and about six years ago, I bought a box of stevia to use for my daily coffee instead of refined sugar. It may take a while, but it CAN be done.

      (and incidentally, when coffee is really good, I now don’t even sweeten it. This just happened about two weeks ago.)

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