Market praises

Saturday morning is one of my favorite times, especially going to the farmer’s market. During the winter, the local market goes biweekly because there isn’t as much for vendors to sell in the winter. Currently, you can find some root veggies at the market, honey, milk (both raw and low pasteurized), cheeses, eggs, beef, hydroponic greens, and some prepared foods.
I want to sing praises about two vendors at the market, because they are indeed that awesome.

1. Last year, when I started incorporating traditional food principles in my diet, one of my first quests was to find pastured eggs. I went down the line asking each vendor with eggs what they fed their chickens. In almost every case I heard “organic feed,” which was not the answer I wanted. When I got to the final vendor, Four Mile River Farm, the answer I got was very interesting.
“I don’t really know.”
Why didn’t he know? Simple. The chickens were left to roman, and pecked at grass and bugs for all their food.
This was the exact answer I wanted to hear, that the animals were eating what they would when left to their own devices. I promptly bought eggs, and now the majority of egg eating I do at home comes from Four Mile. This is also where I buy ALL my beef products, whether it be tenderloin or liver up until now. Last weekend I got my first beef hearts, and look forward to trying to cook them up. He’s been very generous, for which I am thankful.

2. The fabulous local restaurant and fromagerie Caseus now has a truck which visits various locations and sells its fabulous grilled cheese sandwiches, along with hot dogs (from Four Mile River!), soup, and whatever else they wish. This past weekend I got a grilled cheese (served with amazing mustard and small pickles) with some brisket added! So delicious and filling and worth every last penny.


3 responses to “Market praises

  1. For those beef hearts, I cannot speak highly enough of slow-cooking them in a crock pot. I tried that as an experiment and it was so tender and flavorful, I was worried it’d become a gourmet treat and the cost of the hearts would skyrocket should the word get out too far.

    • syncreticmystic

      I don’t have a crock pot though. 😦 so I will have to find another way to cook it slowly.
      FMR has been known to run out of liver at the market, and yet he still charges only $2 a pound. Same cost for the heart. If I want kidney, I have to call ahead otherwise it gets turned into scraps for dog food.
      Perhaps we can do our own little bit for bringing back organ meat consumption. I didn’t make it to Incanto last month, and was disappointed for it, but hopefully it will be there next year. The menu changes and always looks SO yummy.

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