Real food (not) on vacation

Happy Wednesday everyone!
Yesterday I made up the first package of beef heart I mentioned last week. That you both to Wardeh and Judy at Kelly’s blog for the cooking suggestions. I did let it simmer for about 2.5 hours, but it was a little overcooked in my opinion. It also needed a little more flavor. Today, I reheated some of the heart in a skillet with the cooking liquid and garnished with some Zukay mild salsa. It’s surprisingly good. Next time, I will pan sear.

Sadly, this week I seem to have gained some kind of throat infection. All I know is that sometime during the morning on Monday, my throat decided it would be a good idea to swell up a great deal. This is not fun, especially as I haven’t been sick with anything since last October. Even then it was a bare trace of an illness. I blame this one on coming down from a large amount of stress and adrenaline brought on by school. It just means I have to get all the rest I can and eat as well as possible.

For all that I’ve been eating fairly well for a few years, sometimes I slide back. Last month I was on vacation in the Bay area of California. Before the trip I was telling myself all the time that I would hunt out raw milk, pastured eggs, and nourishing snack foods so my diet wouldn’t experience any major change. Did I? Not by a long shot. I ate SO badly during the trip, for me at least. Cookies, white breads, out to eat a lot, drinking hard alcohol… it was a mental shock, at least. But not a physical one. The full week I was in San Francisco, several of my friends seemed to be getting ill with one thing or another.

I got nothing. Further, I didn’t even have any allergy issues!
I stay with friends who have cats. I’ve had cat allergies for about as long as I’ve been alive. The previous years I’ve needed to regularly take antihistamines, otherwise my sinuses would revolt. When I forgot, and had long periods of congestion, I got sick. This year, I only took my maintenance pill, except for my last day in San Francisco. The only reason I took antihistamine then was due to a few sneezes that morning.
I’ve had allergy issues all my life. Apparently real food CAN cure them and strengthen the immune system in ways you would never think possible. Perhaps in another year I will even stop taking my maintenance allergy pill. This was the last thing I expected to find out while I was on vacation.

At least I did bring my cod liver oil and butter oil on the trip.. and took them almost every day. If you don’t think it matters that much, think again. Those are probably two of the best things to do, ESPECIALLY when traveling and unable to follow your normal eating habits.

This post is a part of Real Food Wednesday.

3 responses to “Real food (not) on vacation

  1. I believe it. I notice a dramatic turn in the better for my health when there are no processed foods to be seen. A shame that raw dairy is so irritatingly hard to come by here.

    • syncreticmystic

      I’m still surprised that my health has made such an overall improvement. It does seem to be the kind of thing to only be noticed when there is a major change of scenery.

  2. I take cod liver oil after dinner to reduce intestinal inflammation (I have Crohn’s Disease). Omega 3s are very important for that.

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