Down for the count

Apparently last week’s neti post was done in the nick of time.
Guess who got hit with a major allergy attack starting Sunday night?
Yes indeed, yours truly.

So not only do I still have a lot of school work to be done before the month ends, but I lost a solid day of being able to work due to the fog that comes with an allergy attack. It was so bad I have actually been taking antihistamines. I HATE taking them, but it’s the only thing which will really keep me clear enough to be able to focus.

For this week then, I would love to hear stories you have of healing allergy issues as well as home remedies you might have to clear up your sinuses.

At least all those flowers blooming make for a beautiful walking commute.

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8 responses to “Down for the count

  1. I feel your pain. The valley I live in is one of the worst places in the country for allergies, especially when the grass seed is pollinating. I’ve had some success taking a dose of local honey daily, and this year I’m going to be experimenting with taking local bee pollen daily, as that’s supposed to help.

    • syncreticmystic

      I regularly think about trying bee pollen but somehow never get around to it. I do ingest a good amount of local raw honey, but that has yet to do the trick. This weekend is farmer’s market; maybe I will remember to take out extra cash to buy a small jar of pollen.

  2. How timely! I also am living on Benadryl these days. Our beautiful North Carolina blooms are killing me. I can’t wait for somebody to point me in the right direction that will bring me in harmony with the outdoors.

  3. I wear a filter mask when I drive now. Helps protect against the asphalt chemical fumes and diesel fumes. I haven’t gotten a headache while driving since I started doing that. It doesn’t fit with my glasses on though, I have to wear contacts!

  4. Also Nettle is the best herb for this. It is extremely stimulating, so only take it in the morning or early afternoon. I love nettle tea. I once drank nettle tea before bed and was up almost all night!

  5. Took a little road trip and stayed in a hotel last night. A hotel that is surrounded by a huge road construction site. Lots of fabulous noise, dust and fumes. Dirt dust, asphalt dust, car exhaust and diesel fumes!
    Chain restaurant food was all that was needed to complete the recipe for my asthma attack! That’s what I got a lovely asthma attack in the middle of the restaurant. Outside wasn’t the best place for me, but it’s better than hacking inside while everyone is eating. Grosses me out even.
    So here I am sitting outside puffing on my inhaler and up walks a lady sucking on a cigarette! “Oh honey what’s wrong with you? You sick?” And she blows smoke right in my face! She sounded sincere too. I need the rolley eye icon right now!

  6. Hey All~

    I have a ton of things to say about allergies.

    OK, so the short answer is to buy a copy of “The Fourfold Path of Healing” by Thomas Cowan. It is a brilliant book that I found while doing research for my health care column. I see you have a link to his website on your homepage.

    There is a chapter in there about diseases of Adrenal Insufficiency. Causing allergies, asthma, and eczema. Also a really good summation on nutrition by Sally Fallon. Like a condensed Nourishing Traditions.

    Before I got this book I had an ongoing sinus infection for about a year and a half, had morning sneezing fits, and I was tired and foggy all the time. I was also having occasional migraines that were so bad they’d make me vomit sometimes. I never had allergies before. Not fun!

    So I decided to follow his advice which I have been doing mostly faithfully for about 2 years now, with hardly any sinus problems, down to about one headache a year, and really I’ve been healthy as a horse, not to mention that I feel amazing! Like I was malnourished all my life before this.

    So his basic tenets:
    – high protein, high fat diet (it’s about quality not quantity though)
    – 1/3 raw 1/3 cooked 1/3 fermented vegetables (good excuse to start learning whey fermentation)
    – add raw milk and raw cheese
    – cut carbs down to 30% of diet
    – NO caffiene NO chocolate
    – either start eating animal organs and glands (especially adrenal glands), or take the supplements that he recommends.

    Herbal stuff and supplements:
    – Adrenal support from Standard Process (a company started by a contemporary of Weston Price)
    – Hormonal support from Standard Process
    – Vitamin C from Standard Process – very important that this is a whole food and not synthetic!
    – Licorice root (tincture or tea), eyebright (tincture or tea)
    – cod liver oil, evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil

    I am really financially challenged right now, so I take short cuts that seem to work for me. But I have found that some of the supplements are absolutely necessary as I have quit them for a while and started feeling tired and sick almost immediately. Some of them can be taken in tincture form which is cheaper, which he doesn’t talk about in the book.

    I especially love the raw milk! I have even done a two week raw milk fast where I imbibed nothing but raw milk. It was heaven. Truly a food of the god(es)s!

    Feel free to contact me (arrowyn [@] hexmagazine [.] com) more about it if you want.

    cheers, ~Arrowyn

    • syncreticmystic

      Hi Arrowyn, so glad you made it over here!
      Thank you for all the material. I very much want to get Cowan’s book and see what I can learn from it. In an amusing twist, I accidentally found myself walking past his office in San Francisco when I was on vacation in February. If I can move out there, which I hope to, I utterly want him to be my doctor.
      I’d love to try out one of the cures, but not when I am in school since my time is so limited. Maybe later this fall. At least what I have been doing to now has been a big help. My animal allergies are minimal and asthma next to never bothers me.

      And in the good timing zone, I got my copy of the magazine today. Squealed at seeing Beth in there again along with Dawn and Nils. I am so glad you all are making this happen.

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