Renewing my efforts

Hi everyone, I’m back!
Spring semester is over (though I still have work to complete), and summer semester commenced yesterday. I also just came back from 10 days of glorious vacation in Florida, visiting my best friend and her family. It was wonderful, relaxing (even with the obstinate four year old), and we finally started a vegetable garden.
The trip also left me with a renewed desire to do even more in terms of eating traditional foods.
1. My best friend is convinced she cannot afford to feed her family in this way (three adults: Mandy, her husband Tony, and her father) and four kids (her own: 4 and 6, and her niece and nephew, 13 and 15 respectively). She doesn’t have the same level of access I do, which is quite disheartening. We had to drive over an hour just so I could pick up raw milk, which was quickly consumed in that house. They like it, but the cost and distance to get it are certainly prohibitive.
I think I needed the reminder of the reality of the “food chasm” which exists in this country. There are a lot of people out there who want to feed their family well, but just don’t have the money or food available to do so. Plus, not having a network to support you as well in these choices also does not help. Have we really grown so enamored of convenience that short term pleasing takes precedence over long term views?
Yes, I already know the answer to that question.
2. There is also the matter of perspective. I’m still single, but hoping that sometime in the near future I’ll have a partner and hopefully be working on a family. I see the way I am eating now as preparing for that future. I WANT to be in extremely good health so that my future baby also has good health. Not only that, but by making these changes now, they’ll be so natural then that I would not be able to conceive of going back in my choices. And I will also make life choices based on wanting those things. It will likely mean simplifying (which is something I have been working on for years, cutting back possessions and extraneous spending on “stuff”) and probably keeping a garden (and hopefully some chickens), but considering how much I would love to have those things, it would not be a sacrifice to me.

It’s all about perspective, I suppose.

This post is a part of Real Food Wednesday. Check out other people on the web talking about real food.

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