June kitchen goals

Kelly posted the call for kitchen goals last week, and in a quest to remember and DO them, I have mine here.

1. Start blogging again.
2. Finish the introduction to Nourishing Traditions, and *maybe* try to make a lacto-fermented vegetable again.
Update 6/2/10: DID IT! I don’t have a vegetable to can yet, but finished the introduction.
3. Eat a lot more fish (tonight on the menu: SHAD ROE!) and organ meat. I’ve been on vacation and by the time I got home I was longing for seafood and liver.
Update 6/6/10: Not so keen on the organ meats right now. It’s hot here and they’re too heavy for me when it’s hot like this. I am already doing better with the fish consumption. Look for more on that this week.
4. Make new things for my weekday lunches. This week I will be bringing salads with me, complete with eggs, goat cheese, and lacto-fermented dressing.
5. Renew my commitment to myself to simplify my life and rid myself of more stuff.

Outside of the kitchen:
1. spend more time outside
2. Move more, worry less about “exercise”

Do you have any specific goals for this month?

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