It’s a surf n’ turf cooking class!

I am really excited for this course. Anne Marie, the woman behind Cheeseslave and Real Food Media is now offering a class in cooking seafood and grass fed meats. Have you been trying to get more fish into your diet? Did you ruin that beautiful steak you bought at the farmer’s market? Are you just looking for some new ideas to add to your regular menu? Then I highly encourage you to sign up for the class. It’s $120 for 13 weeks of classes, which comes out to less than $10 a class! It’s also not like your typical school class where you have to show up at a certain time or you’re out of luck. This is on YOUR time.

What’s in store for you?
What Surf & Turf Will Teach You

Cooking nutritionally dense, exceptionally healthy foods is not hard — once you know what you’re doing. Which is why I’m teaching this class. I will show you how to:

* Get your family to fall in love with weird foods that are incredibly good for them — like chicken livers and raw fish
* Use all the turn cheap cuts into melt-in-your-mouth delicacies — from delicious pot roasts to braised short ribs
* Master the BBQ grill
* Easily make mineral-rich bone broths, soups, gravies and reduction sauces
* Make delicious, balanced meals that are grain-free and low-carb
* Save money on grass-fed meat by buying half a cow and stocking the freezer
* Shop for sustainable, healthy seafood — no matter where you live

This class is GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome), SCD (specific carb diet), paleo, low carb, and primal friendly. Anne Marie has also promised to include substitutions for those of you who keep kosher.

I will also hopefully be offering a GIVEAWAY of one free class to a lucky entrant, stay tuned!

What are you waiting for?

Unfortunately I myself won’t be able to take the class this time around. The constraints of school just won’t allow me the time I’d really want to give to all these wonderful lessons. Anne Marie, I hope you plan to offer it again!

I also now have a Facebook fan page! It’s new but come have a look and “like” me!


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