The Real Food for Rookies class is here!

I have been looking forward to this for months. Since I’ve only been eating real food for barely two years, I definitely consider myself a rookie, so I am thrilled to say that Kelly the Kitchen Kop is now offering her Real Food for Rookies class!

But it’s not solely a class for rookies. Even if you’ve been doing traditional food for years you’re sure to learn something from Kelly’s class. From information about what is really in the prepackaged food at the supermarket, to what real food can do for your health, to lots of new recipes, there is something for everyone on the scale of traditional food experience.

Not only does this promise to be a class loaded with great material, but Kelly has also secured a SLEW of discounts and coupons for people enrolling. You’ll get discounts on Biokult probiotics, Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil (I swear by this stuff now), US Wellness meats (the only place I’ll buy chickens from), and there will also be discounts on cookware, skin care products, cleaning supplies, starter cultures for fermented food, and organic ghee.

You have until September 5 to enroll, and class starts on September 16.

Still not sure? Take a look at the class list. I’ve been on a quest for a year and a half to find more options to pack for my work lunches.. and failing. While liver on a daily basis is great for me, it does get a bit boring. That alone makes this so worthwhile for me.

I’m looking forward to “seeing” you all in class!

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