Win a spot in Real Food for Rookies!

Have you signed up for Kelly’s Real Food for Rookies class yet? I will be signing up this week. I’ve been chatting with Kelly for well over a year now and we’ve actually been able to offer each other advice and information on topics relating to real food. It’s nice to share, and it’s also good to find someone who’s that decent and open. You’re a breath of fresh air to this jaded New Englander, Kelly!

Maybe you need more reasons to join. How about this? Kelly did some covert shopping in the middle of the grocery store with her son to reveal what you’ll find on food labels.

I once was this kid, incidentally. My weakness, though, was a certain cereal which was more filled with marshmallow-type items than anything else, in a variety of colors and shapes. (See there? No worries of a company coming after a little blogger because I did not name a cereal! HA!)

I highly encourage you to sign up, even if you’re not a rookie. You’re bound to learn SOMETHING in this class. I realize that I have somewhat jumped into the middle in my blogging adventure, but I am still certainly a rookie at traditional food.

So on to the contest! I am providing several potential options for you to win a spot in the class. The one thing to remember when you enter is this: you need to make separate comments to tell me about each individual item you did to enter the contest. I can’t give multiple entries to someone who put many things in one comment.

How to enter the Real Food for Rookies giveaway
1. Leave ONE comment telling me what level of real foodie you are: rookie, intermediate, expert, I’m Sally Fallon-Morrell.

In order to receive more entries, do the following items below and leave a separate comment telling me each item you’ve done.

2. Sign up for Kelly’s periodic newsletter and also receive a chance to win a copy of her Real Food Ingredient Guide.

3. Follow Kelly on Twitter or tell me if you already do.

4. Sign up for Kelly’s email feed or follow her RSS feed.

5. Sign up for my email updates or RSS feed, at the right.

6. Follow me on Twitter or if you already do, tell me so.

That is a potential total of SIX entries!
I wish you all luck.

I almost forgot. The contest will end Saturday night at 8pm Eastern time.

My Facebook fan page is turning into a spot where I post a variety of news articles relating to food as well as my experimenting with making new foods. I’m having a lot of fun with it. Come join me!

31 responses to “Win a spot in Real Food for Rookies!

  1. I am somewhere in between rookie and intermediate! Love to drink kombucha, have eliminated all artificial sweetners for well over a year and havent drank soda in 18 months to the day! Take probiotics and fermented cod liver oil every day!

  2. I am already signed up for Kelly’s periodic newsletter and have already purchased her Ingredient Guide (however I think I have an older version b/c she mentioned not too long ago she made a couple changes to it).

  3. I already follow Kelly on Twitter!

  4. I have been subscribed to Kelly’s RSS feeds for about 10 months now – always good stuff to read!

  5. I signed up for your email updates!

  6. I follow you on Twitter now 🙂

  7. Between Rookie and Intermediate!

  8. I get Kelly’s newsletter.

  9. I follow kelly on twitter.

  10. I get Kelly’s email feed.

  11. I follow you on Twitter.

  12. I get your RSS feed.

  13. I am a rookie at real food. I signed up for your emails.

  14. Hi! I also signed up for Kelly’s email subscription too.

  15. I’m a rookie….

  16. I receive Kelly’s email feed.

  17. I also receive Kelly’s newsletter.

  18. I signed up for Kelly’s Newsletter!

  19. I follow Kelly on Twitter! @mamatojj

  20. I signed up for Kelly’s email feed.

  21. I’m now following you on Twitter! @mamatojj

  22. Intermediate for what I know I should do.
    Rookie for what I do.

  23. I just signed up for the newsletter

  24. I signed up for e-mail updates.

  25. I’m an intermediate real foodie. I’ve mastered a lot of essentials to real food, but I still have a long ways to go before becoming an expert.

  26. I’m signed up for Kelly’s periodic newsletter

  27. Follow Kelly on Twitter @matt4melis

  28. follow Kelly’s RSS feed via Google Reader

  29. Signed up for your RSS feed via Google Reader

  30. Follow you on Twitter @matt4melis

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