I believe in making a grand return

Hi everyone! Miss me? Well, I am back. After finishing another semester and dealing with computer problems right and left, I feel like I finally have a chance to breathe and think again. Let me also say a huge THANK YOU to everyone in my Facebook group. Whenever I find articles, I can do a “mini-blog” there and have some way to share the information. And it always makes me smile to see the responses there.

The short version of why I dropped off the face of this blog goes something like this. In the space of one week, I got a virus and malware on both my work and home computers. Me, the woman who NEVER got hit with any such junk. This has been my year for it though. Earlier this year, I got different malware at work. The same thing (which, once you shut down your computer, does not allow you to turn it on again) twice in the span of three weeks. After this time in October though, it was just too much. I have never been a person prone to anxiety. Worry and stress, certainly, but anxiety, never. I have a WORLD of sympathy now for people who have regular anxiety issues. It can paralyze you, and it’s even worse when you’re knee deep in your second to last semester of grad school. I finally got over the last of the worry in the last week or so, and did complete the semester. Rather well, as far as I know. Now there is just one semester left to go, original research to do, and job hunting happening right now.

All the stress did have one good outcome: I am recommitting myself to living more simply. Worrying about things I can’t control, tearing my hair out, feeling the need to be in control of so much, it’s not what I want. What I ideally want is still somewhat up in the air, but I know I don’t want the kind of life where I am under so much stress.

I also hereby state that come 2011, I am going to incorporate even more real food into my diet. Some of this will come up during Kelly’s challenge next month, so stay tuned!

Another thing I do want is to develop this blog further. Classes do not start again for me until the end of January, which gives me several weeks to post and plan. I’d also like to get further in depth with the information I post here, to up the quality of information presented. Likely this will mean more of me reading books and hopefully a little less relying on just the internet. In the interim I want to cook more and post more recipes.

I also want to show something which helped keep me calm during the year. This is a present I made for my (honorary) niece for her birthday earlier this month. I shipped it to her yesterday and hope she enjoys it.

Part of my plan for next year is to make more gifts for people rather than simply buying stuff. I love working with fiber.

Today is Yule, the shortest day of the year, and the light slowly returns after this. Christmas is also this week, so a good portion of the Western world has reason to celebrate. May we all see light, slow down our lives, and appreciate what is really important to us.

This post is a part of Real Food Wednesday. Check out the carnival to see what else is going on in the traditional food world this week!

3 responses to “I believe in making a grand return

  1. Hey welcome back! Computer problems suck! Have you ever looked into Ubuntu? It is a free open-source operating system, I have used it since 2008 and it is really easy and convienient to use–another huge bonus–you don’t have to worry about viruses AT ALL!!

    Anyway check it out, I guarantee you won’t regret it.

    • I’ve considered making the switch, but given that I only have a semester of school left I don’t want to completely change my OS. I’ve heard good things about Ubuntu, and I might just switch over. Either that or just get myself a Mac next.

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