The 2011 Weight Loss and Wellness Challenge

Happy new year everyone! Have you made your resolutions yet? I have a few, but I am deliberately keeping the amount low because I still have a lot on my plate. The first of those goals is this: Kelly’s 2011 weight loss and wellness challenge. Three weeks to start implementing whatever you choose, so long as it relates to wellness in a Real Food way. I know I need them after the past week of eating just a little too much at every meal. I can feel it in my clothes already.

I will not be telling you my weight in numbers, but if I have a goal there, it’s to drop the weight gain of the holidays. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Here are my official goals.

1. Eat a more diverse range of foods.
For all my love of food and all sorts of food, I have long periods in which I tend to eat very similar things. This is especially true when it comes to lunches. During the week I just make the same sandwich and bring it to work. On the weekends I do try to make things a little different. I’d love to find lunches which I can eat cold or prep the night before. What I really need to do is make more food for dinners and turn that into lunch for the next day.

2. Dance dance dance!
I’ve been taking belly dance lessons for about a year and a half. My teacher wants to have a hafla this spring. I am nowhere NEAR ready for such a thing. Which means I need to do a lot more practicing. I’m in a more advanced class during the week, but it’s time to add. The class my teacher teaches down the street from my house has moved from total beginner (which is why I left and started going to the advanced class) to something more my speed. I also need to make time for private classes, and work at home with the DVDs I have.

3. Cut down on grains.
Note that part above where I spoke about sandwiches? I do like bread. Granted, it’s homemade sourdough without any white flour, sugar, or vegetable oils, but it’s not the best foundation for a diet. Especially so if I want to get my weight down.

4. Meditate.
I need to bring this practice back into my life. Sometimes I get bored with it. Sometimes my life goes haywire and I feel guilty for taking that time to sit and simply count breaths. It’s good for me though and it keeps me healthy and calm. I have been ignoring it long enough that when I try to meditate now, I cannot get my mind to slow and stay within that moment.

What are you real food/wellness goals for 2011? Are you going to be taking part in the challenge too?

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