Wellness challenge update

How well are you all doing with your resolutions? Are you keeping up with them, or are those goals looking too daunting and you’re wondering how you can possibly make them happen? Keep them small and take baby steps.

Last week was a bit of a wash for me. On Sunday my sinuses start bugging me, and by Tuesday they had exploded. It wasn’t until the weekend that I started feeling like I was clearing out and able to think clearly again. So my ability to do the things I set out for myself was somewhat limited.

1. Eating more diverse foods.
This is slowly happening again. For example, my lunch for this week is a red lentil soup I found in an internet search, and it’s pretty good! I may try to make various legume soups over the next few weeks to work through the collection of dried beans I have.
Incidentally, I wound up freezing about half of the soup last night, so in two weeks or so I can have it for a week of lunches without any extra work. Color me pleased.

2. Dance dance dance.
I did a little of this. What I am trying to do is practice 1-2 moves a day, making them cleaner and building up my stamina for doing them. Unfortunately, the sinus troubles meant I was feeling very groggy for most of the week and not really up for a lot of movement. I didn’t go to my belly dance or yoga classes last week. This week is up in the air too due to a Nor’easter in the forecast for Wednesday.
What I really need to do is get more movement in my days. I might try some rebounding or strength work more often. Even 5 minutes a day will help right now. I suspect it may also help with my sleep.

3. Cut down the grains.
This would have been a lot easier had I not run out of Canadian bacon for breakfast early in the week. This meant my morning eggs were accompanied by toast. Never fear though! I bought another package of the delicious bacon along with breakfast sausage at the farmer’s market on Sunday.

4. Meditate.
I’ve seen some success on this front! I meditated about 4 evenings, once for only five minutes, but otherwise each time was at least ten minutes. Definite improvement.

Incidentally, I dropped a pound from last Monday to today. Considering that I was not feeling well at all this was an achievement for me.

How did you do with your goals over the last week?

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