2011 Gift Challenge: Spring Update

First, I would like to give a tip of the hat to my friend Zoe, because I now have a banner for the gift challenge!

Spring is here, even if some weird white stuff fell from the sky on Monday, and there’s more predictions of it for today and tomorrow. It’s SPRING, I tell you. Therefore, now is as good a time as any to have our first check-in on those gifts you’re making.
(Well, that, and I also need a break from making the video project due for my class on Monday.)

Here is the cross stitch for my niece K. I haven’t put in nearly as much time on this as I hoped.

I do plan to make some more movie time for myself. Movie time usually translates into “watching a movie but 30% of my attention goes to whatever fiber craft is nearby.”

The crochet purses I hope to make for K and her sister D have yet to be started, but I have come across patterns for such things. Therefore it CAN be done. This weekend I’ll be going to my local yarn shop in the hopes of finding a good pattern and the yarn. In the meantime, while I was in California last week I paid a visit to Imagiknit in San Francisco and came away with four skeins of yarn and a (beginner) pattern for what will be a lovely shawl.

You can see where this pattern will go. Every other row gets two added stitches, so it gradually widens as I progress.

I haven’t had time to try making any food to turn into gifts later. Perhaps next month when I need a respite from my final class project and worrying over the proposal for my final project. Cooking is a great stress relief.

What about you? Are you joining me on this project to make things and buck consumerism? Do you have some great ideas for food gifts you’re just itching to share?

I’m sharing this post over at Real Food Wednesday, Simple Lives Thursday, and Monday Mania.


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