I believe in real food link roundups – April 2011

Your intrepid blogger is wrapping up yet another semester, and in the midst of all that writing has been unable to pull together a full post. Instead, this week I am going to share some material I’ve come across recently. Some has been posted on Facebook, but the rest have been shamelessly hoarded for this post.

Some more fun courtesy of The Commons.

First, I want to bring your attention to the banner on the right. In less than two weeks, the third annual Raw Milk Symposium will be taking place. While I will not be able to physically attend, I will be talking about it in the coming weeks.

Jimmy over at Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb alerts us to something potentially big, the possibility of a shortage of coconut products due to rise in demand and depletion of trees. Coconut food has been shown to be extremely beneficial, whether it be the meat, milk, water, or oil of the coconut. You may want to stock up while you can.
I can’t resist a small editorial on this. I’m one of those believers in peak oil, and if we have not hit that peak yet, it’s coming soon. In any case, I don’t think it’s wise to be so reliant upon foods which need to be shipped over long distances to nourish us. Unless your ancestors came from the lands which provided coconut, eating of it is not part of your cultural heritage. And plenty of cultures survived quite well on their own traditional diets. I believe this is why we all need to look locally for the majority of our foods. What will we as a society do if we’re quickly cut off from a large amount of our food supply? It could get messy.

Speaking of foods coming from far distances, can you imagine a New Mexico chile grown in China? Ancient Foods combines my great loves: history, anthropology, archaeology, and food, all into one source.

If you need to quickly explain traditional diets and the history behind this movement, the following video from the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation should serve nicely.

Raine over at Agriculture Society has a great post about the recent issues with tainted meat and ideas for how you can start switching over to better quality meat right now.

Delicious Obsessions is quickly turning in to one of my favorite blogs, and she has a great tutorial on making water kefir. I have grains, but since I will soon be starting a diet which does not allow water kefir, they’re still waiting for use.

I feel bad for this kid. He went from being a star basketball player and pseudo-vegetarian to a raw vegan diet. The diet brought with it acne, weight gain/loss of muscle tone (when I was in high school and had that, it was a prescription for social suicide), and the boy being dropped back to second tier basketball. Thanks to Ann Marie at Cheeseslave for posting that.

Finally, there is still time to enter to win the stick blender! Your chances are pretty good, and don’t forget about extra entries!

What is keeping all of you busy lately? Has spring really come to your neck of the woods?

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I’m sharing this post over at Real Food Wednesday and Fresh Bites Friday.

3 responses to “I believe in real food link roundups – April 2011

  1. Hi Soli – Many thanks for mentioning my post about meat on your blog. I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your semester, I’ve been there and know how challenging it is. Keep up the great work with your blog, you are doing great things! 🙂

    • Hi Raine, and thank you for putting together such a good post. I’m so close to done, technically my semester is done, I’m almost done with my extension from last fall, and this summer I take my last credits. Then research this fall and that’ s it!

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