While I recover, here are some other people to read

Hi everyone! Yes I am still around, just taking my time in recovering. Actually, I think I’m dealing with adrenal fatigue, which would make sense considering how much I’ve had piled up on me the last few years. Plus I am now taking supplements designed to boost the adrenal glands and I feel much better for it!

While I gather my wits to write up some new posts to share, here are a few blogs I’ve been enjoying lately.

Did you know I have a doppleganger? I didn’t until I saw a comment on another blog I read. Butter Believer is a newer blogger from Hawai’i who recently got a sheep and is converting her home to be more off the grid.

Are you a woman with dimply thighs who would do anything to smooth them out? Then you need to be reading Cellulite investigation. Not only does Melissa go into what causes the blight (as she calls it) but also tries different cures. There’s a good amount of information about natural beauty remedies and she’s working on a book about fluoroderma.

Hunt Gather Love already got a mention in the Primal Living post but wanted to give another mention. This is one of my favorite blogs overall. Melissa does a lot of posts relating to anthropology and tribal cultures and she is definitely not afraid to share her opinions.

Farmbrarian combines my two great loves: food and books. As an added bonus, Erin and David don’t like to Amazon to buy books, but instead link titles to Worldcat which will show the nearest library with a copy of the book! If you’re going to use this, check your library’s catalog anyway. My local public library is not part of Worldcat so its holdings do not show up in searches.

Last but certainly not least is Delicious obsessions, who provides me with inspiration to experiment in the kitchen and is building quite a great blog.

And finally, a joke I saw (and reTweeted a few weeks ago.
“I keep buying leeks because I have potatoes, buying more potatoes because I have too many leeks… it’s a vichyssoise cycle.”


I hope you all are enjoying the shift into autumn and eating fabulous, delicious, REAL food!

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4 responses to “While I recover, here are some other people to read

  1. Awww. . . . . .
    Feel better soon!

    • Thanks Genet. I am working on it. Took 2.5 years to get to this point so it’s not going to go away in less than two months. I am working on my patience again with this. 🙂

  2. Feel better and nurture yourself in every possible way!

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