What has been and what may come: most popular posts of 2011

Do you like the tree in my house this year? There are more ornaments than tree space in the house, so each year I find a different theme for the decoration. This year I did hearts and bells.

I’m enjoying the time off from work, and especially enjoying the idea that I will NOT be snowed in at any point during this break from work. Nothing feels so good as the lack of obligation hanging over me and the freedom to do whatever I want. It’s also time to look back on the year and start thinking about what 2012 might bring.

Before we get there though, would you be curious to see my most popular posts from the year?

10. 2011 Gift Challenge: The Clock is Ticking Edition.
The final installment in my personal gift challenge, to make more gifts instead of relying on buying things. In the end I wasn’t able to finish everything, and I was buying things anyway. However, the experience of making things and digging up ideas to make was very inspirational. I’ll be doing it again next year.

9. Healthy is in the eye of the beholder.
Amazing that two of my most popular posts are just from this month. Maybe I need to do more blogging breaks to increase my numbers? This was an examination of a list of foods considered by one group to be “healthy,” and yet lacking in a lot of what traditional diets would consider good for you. It also sums up why I don’t like using the term “healthy” and prefer nutritious.

8. Stocking a medicine cabinet.
Remedies I like to keep on hand to handle health issues which come up for me regularly.

7. Growing vegetables can be a one-way ticket to jail.
The story of a woman in Michigan who was growing vegetables in order to save money, and instead got threatened with legal action. Food sovereignty at work.

6. What exactly IS traditional food?
As it says, a breakdown of what makes diets tradition. It’s not so much the food itself but qualities about the foods.

5. Primal living.
A guest post by my friend Dana who has done a great deal of benefit to her health by switching over to a primal diet.

4. Pytt i Panna
And here we start a key to my success in posting this year. Pytt i panna is very basic Swedish ham hash, which I eat a lot after Christmas. It’s a great way to use up all that leftover ham.

3. How to make gravlax.
Probably one of the better known Swedish dishes out there. Curing food is an excellent method of preservation and it also tastes amazing!

2. Grain-free Swedish pancakes
I suppose that for next year I should make more Swedish foods and write up the recipes in English! This one is not the typical formula for the pancakes, but Sweden has caught the low(er) carb craze. They are not quite the same as the traditional wheat ones but if you are avoiding grain for whatever reason this is a great option.

1. Basic domestic skills everyone should know
Who would have thought that a little list I whipped up at the end of my final class would turn into my most popular post off the year? One of my plans/hopes for 2012 is to expand this list into more of a how-to guide. Some things are easy to convey in text (like recipe instructions) where others (changing a tire perhaps) would take hands on experience. This also means I may be taking in some classes so I can at least say I know how to do all of these things.

Incidentally, two posts not on the list which I really enjoyed doing were Can living in a city kill you? and A slice of life: my best friend and Eddie Vedder.

I wish you all a fun, relaxing week, and will see you again in the new year!

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