As seen on the internet January 6, 2012: the I found new blogs to read edition

Reading is my number one leisure activity. If I have five minutes free, I’ll probably find something to read. Being able to read a lot of blogs feels like a huge privilege now that I have my time back. Plus I don’t feel guilty if I don’t keep up daily; I know I will read everything much sooner. With my new-found freedom, I have added a host of new blogs to my reader.

First item, Sasquatch and the Scientician are continuing with their food experiments. I want to try a dragonfruit. Now.

Several of the blogs I read have been discovered from suggestions on Facebook. Fan pages do pay off. I can’t tell you much about these yet due to not enough reading, but they certainly look good.

Stacy Makes Cents, which I am hoping will help in my current quest toward frugality.

Yolks, kefir, and gristle is a blog I’ve been seeing around Real Food Wednesday for a while and thought it was one of the most clever blog names I’ve seen. She does some good posts too.

Whole new mom blogs about real food and cooking for people with many health issues while also eating very nutritious food. YES it CAN be done, and she can serve as inspiration.

Another great Facebook find I am enjoying is Grass fed girl who lives her primal/paleo diet and regularly consumes offal. Awesome!

Are you a raw milk lover? Do you read The Bovine? This is a blog devoted to raw milk and has been following the case of Michael Schmidt, a Canadian dairy farmer championing raw milk. Last year he fasted for over a month in protest of the Canadian government’s ban on raw milk for sale.

Kendahl at OIur Nourishing Roots has been doing an interesting series of posts about making basic traditional foods and is now gearing up for a GAPS diet intro challenge.

Want to see some pretty pictures? Go look at Neohomesteading for photos to rival ones at Nourished Kitchen. I found Cory (or she found me) through Twitter and we have had a few amusing conversations through there. All I have to say is chicken lobster.

Crunchy Betty‘s tag line should be reason enough to read her blog: you have food on your face. I love this take on beauty!

Last. but definitely not least is Holistic Kid, who also does Chinese medicine in addition to real food. How awesome is that?

Actually, the newest blog is The Liberated Kitchen which is going into my blog reader to check out right now.

Have you picked up any new blogs recently?

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One response to “As seen on the internet January 6, 2012: the I found new blogs to read edition

  1. Thanks for the shout out! ;p chicken lobster salad is probably tasty and hearty.

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