As seen on the internet and weekend food plans February 10, 2012

It’s that time again, where I share interesting things I’ve been reading over the past week. And confess I haven’t had much time to read anything lately.

First we have a story aired on NPR last week about what happened to lard to shift it from a regular part of the cupboard to a pariah of the kitchen and believed to be the cause of a lot of health issues. I found it interesting that one of the sources they interviewed for the story was a person from a soy information group. The comments are great too, and a lot more people speaking in support of healthy fats than taking the veg*n route.

A very notable article for those tracking grain information and whether or not to eat them. New evidence suggests that people started consuming grains 100,000 years ago. Sure would throw a wrench into the primal/paleo diet if grains show that much history.

My weekend food plans are simple. On Wednesday I make my annual trip to California, which means for food I need to plan for what I need when I return. I’ll be baking up bread, making up another batch of cultured veggies, and putting my milk kefir grains in the fridge. This also means these posts are going on vacation along with me. It remains to be seen if I will do any posting while I am gone. So I hope you all have a good time while I am away!

What have you all been reading recently and would like to share? Anything interesting happening in your kitchens right now?

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