Slice of life: Eye on the prize

I took this photo last Thursday evening, while I stood atop Twin Peaks and looked out over San Francisco and the Bay. (Thank you Randall and Brandon for being there with me.) Being up there and looking out over this area I have come to love over the last few years only strengthened my resolve to move out there.

For years I have been thinking about completely shifting my life and perspective and moving cross-country. While I am somewhat well-traveled, I have never lives anywhere save for the northeastern United States. I love it here, and I’ll always been a New Englander, but I need a major change of scenery. Along with a change of people. Not to slight my friends and family here, but people in the northeast can be rather insular. I don’t want that anymore.

I want to go out regularly. Meet new people. Meet people who are a little more different than my usual circle.

Not to mention the fact that being in San Francisco makes me feel extremely normal. That’s refreshing. (and interpret that how ever you like, I am sure it will amuse me if I knew. 🙂 )

Last year when I was out west, I told people I was hoping to be living in California by now. This year, my words are different.

By this time in 2013, I WILL be living in California!

I have the degree. I am applying for jobs. I have a slew of people rooting for me to make this move.

This is going to happen.

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6 responses to “Slice of life: Eye on the prize

  1. YAY!!! How exciting! I am really happy for you. I think a change of scenery will be great for you! Any chance you could make a stop in Denver on your way through???? :):):):):)

    • Jessica, we’ll see how my travel out there ends out routing. It’s very much up in the air of course. 🙂 But I do have family and friends in Denver, so we shall see. (Actually, I can go a lot of places in the country and find people to visit.)

  2. Well good luck! Ironically I’m hoping to get back to New England. My dad and a few generations back were all born and raised in Stonington. Part of me wants to move there and feel the connection with my family. Like you I can feel like an absolute weirdo everywhere. I don’t imagine a quiet fishing island is going to be a great place for my sanity.

    San Fransisco seems like a lively adventure ;p

    • I keep forgetting you’re not actually in New England because you seem like you should be. May we both get the moves we want.

  3. Michael David Clark

    Those are the magic words, WILL IT. Best of luck to you in your new adventures. Any friend of Randall’s is a friend of mine. SF is a great place with so many amazing areas surrounding it.

    • Nice to meet you Michael and thank you! One of the things I love most about the Bay area is how friendly everyone can be. It’s quite refreshing.

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