Video: Make Your Own Sourdough Starter

aka my Master’s degree pays off in other parts of my life as well!

My second to last class in my degree was more of a fun class and hands on learning instead of theoretical: Utilizing Instructional Media. Imagine getting credits for making podcasts and video files. I did!

At first I was stumped by what I might do when it came time to make the first audio file. Then I decided to go with my passion: food. The next project was making a video with an audio track. As I had just done the how to make broth post, I turned those photos into a video tutorial. (Yes I promise I will post that soon.) Interestingly, the first video was anything we could have wanted, subject-wise. The final project was making an instructional video. Well, I already covered that, so I made a video of something I had not posted about before: making your own sourdough starter!

I am a bread fanatic, and sourdough was the first culturing project I took on in 2009 after my real food conversion. I got a culture from Cultures for Health, but once I made it thought that I could have made my own from wild yeast floating around in the air. When I went to visit Mandy, I told her about this and we did a little science experiment of making a wild starter.

Note that we did this in May. In Florida. In a pint jar.

Within two days that starter was ALL over the place. But it did prove my idea was right!

So there I was, making up wild sourdough starters in my house just for the sake of my schooling. Those starters, and the video, helped me get an A, so I didn’t mind one bit!

Without further ado, now you too can quickly learn how to make your own starter. It’s cheaper than yeast and ensures you get local microorganisms into your food.

Have you made your own starter for baking?
And what do you think of the video?

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4 responses to “Video: Make Your Own Sourdough Starter

  1. I just made my first ever gluten free sourdough starter, which worked better than my “regular” sourdough starters back when I was eating wheat! So fun!

    • This should be interesting to hear about. A friend of mine who’s doing an elimination diet made a starter out of brown rice flour. I am DYING to hear how the results turn out from these!

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  3. What is hootch? Why does it separate?

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