The wisdom of listening to your body

Hi there.
I guess I fell into a hole again.

This post has been in my queue to write up since January. I thought I would write it up not long after my trip to California. Then March happened, bringing with it a relapse of the fatigue I had last fall. It took all my energy just to get through my workdays, much less doing anything else. As it stands now, my energy is still not up to its normal levels, but I think part of that is dealing with a heavy dose of allergy issues during the past week.

However, if there is one plus to this happening, it’s that I have come to appreciate my personal philosophy of self-care even more. If it weren’t for that, and I had instead been pushing myself past my limits, I shudder to think of the possible state of my health now.

I strongly advocate for everyone to take good care of themselves, to know what their weaknesses are (for example, a big one for me is respiratory trouble), how to care for them, and overall nurturing. Self-care isn’t simply a maintenance of physical health, it’s about caring for your whole self. This also requires listening to your body, to have that awareness to know when something is out of whack. I’ve been practicing this for a long time. When I was younger, I got sick very often, and came to learn what feelings would precede a malady. If you want to do this for yourself, just start observing how you feel today. Keep taking notice. Don’t berate yourself if you forget for a while. Eventually it will become second nature.

Soli’s guide to self-care and respecting your body’s needs:
If you’re a member of my Facebook group, you will recall that for a few weeks, I had a daily challenge/reminder to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night. This is usually what I manage during the week, because I purposely wake up early and can’t get into bed any earlier than 10 most nights.
2. Prioritize
What the the necessities which need to be done in your life? Put your energy to those things. Take care of them, and when those things are done, you can think about working on the non-essentials.
3. Find assistance
One of my biggest issues. I am terrible at asking for help when I need it. Though now I will tell people around me (like co-workers) that I am running low energy or tired.
4. Be willing to say no to things
Another one which is an issue for me. This technically falls under the prioritize tag. If it’s something you need to do, do your best. If it’s voluntary, think about it very hard.
5. Take some time for yourself
The epitome of self-care. Even if you have kids to care for, try to find someone (partner, your parents, etc.) to take the kids for a while if you need a break. Do something nice for yourself. It doesn’t have to be expensive or even involve leaving the house. Take time out to give yourself a pedicure, or just find a quiet room in which to sit for a while. Let it be a time for you to recharge.

One thing I missed dearly over the past month or so has been writing regularly. I have not even been able to manage personal journaling up until recently. Writing is a bit of an addiction now, and it feels good to return. I’m not going to push myself too hard, but I am going to do my best to return here. There are some plans I want to implement as well. I hope to unveil them as the days get longer and warmer.

Do you know how to listen to your body? What do you do to care for yourself when you’re not feeling well?

Now start your week with the image of a lovely flower!

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12 responses to “The wisdom of listening to your body

  1. These are good reminders. I’d add one about eating well, since it’s more important than ever to nourish a body that’s trying to heal. Lots of water and fresh, organic vegetables. I’m glad you’re feeling up to be making a return to writing; it’s such a good thing to do for yourself!

    • Y’know, it amazes me that I forgot to add that Eleanor. I guess I was so focused on the cerebral aspects of self-care that I forgot the essential need of food. Thank you. 🙂

      • I think it’s kind of one of those things that goes without saying, for many of us. Of course we should feed ourselves well! Still, it’s surprising how often people miss the connection.
        Be well…

  2. I agree with all your points. One’s body is so important, and we only get one so we need to take care of it. Taking time for yourself is something I need to work on.

  3. akismet-db6ee115d36a6f9f943722e11fa36e6b

    Soli – I always enjoy your posts! These are very good reminders and all of them are things I need to remember AND practice more often. I seem to go through cycles where I can get in bed by 10pm and sleep well, but then that doesn’t last long and I feel overwhelmed by all the stuff I simple “must” get done. Prioritizing is a HUGE thing for me and I need to spend more time assessing my to-do list and really identifying the important things. And, taking time to just sit and relax, mediate, drink a cup of tea. I find myself tied to my computer most days and it’s hard to pull myself away. Priorities, priorities, priorities, and labeling ourselves as #1 is crucial!

    Til next time! Much love my friend! 🙂

    • Always glad to hear from you Jessica and appreciate your support. I have often forgotten this lesson when I am feeling okay. There’s also the added bonus that I am still recovering from the whole grad school experience and re-learning how to distribute my efforts. 🙂

  4. This is a great post. It would be awesome for a new blog party I am starting this Monday at Simply Made Home called “Make Your Move Monday.” I just did a cleanse and agree that we need to listen to our bodies! I would love to see posts like this from you that would encourage others to live both naturally and simply. Even linking up an old post is great if it encourages others!

    Tara @

  5. I totally know the feeling. Now that my semester is coming to a close, maybe I’ll actually have the energy and time to blog! I have so much to say!

  6. douglaswallace436

    Well said, Well said 🙂

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