How to make crispy nuts


Nuts. They’re delicious, nutritious, and sometimes ubiquitous. They make an easy snack due to being so portable.

They also, in their raw state, are covered in enzyme inhibitors. Similar to the reasons why soaking and sprouting legumes improves their nutrition, soaking nuts and drying them makes their nutrients much more accessible for digestion. I also think crispy nuts taste a lot better than raw nuts.

To be honest, when I was younger I did not eat nuts very often. Tree nuts triggered my asthma. Never severely, but there would be wheezing after a while. Now I wonder if it was due to enzyme inhibitors or the oils. No matter, these days I can eat almonds, walnuts, and all other nuts without issue. Also, the taste of these nuts is lighter than what you’re likely used to with nuts.

Keeping crispy nuts on hand is easy. Once you complete the preparation listed here, you can store them covered in an airtight container and have them ready at any time. I even keep pumpkin seeds prepared in this matter at my desk!

I regularly make up large batches of crispy almonds and walnuts. It’s very easy and good to keep them around in your kitchen.

Directions sourced from Nourishing Traditions.

Crispy nuts
4 cups almonds, preferably skinkess
1 T. sea salt
Filtered water

4 cups walnut halves and pieces, ideally freshly shelled
2 t. sea salt
Filtered water

1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl.
2. Allow nuts to soak for 7 hours minimum. (Usually I start them early in the morning and drain them 12 hours later.)
3. Drain nuts. If the skins can come off easily (like with almonds) pop off the skin.
4. If you have a dehydrator, spread the nuts out on the shelves. If you are using an oven, spread on a stainless steel baking pan.
5. For dehydrator, I set the temperature around 105F and let the machine run for 10 to 12 hours. For an oven, set on the lowest temperature and let run for 12-24 hours. When using the oven method, periodically turn the nuts.
6. When done, put nuts in an airtight container.
7. Enjoy eating them!

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