Battening down the hatches

I couldn’t resist…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (in which case I wonder how you are able to read this post), the east coast is bracing itself for Hurricane Sandy right now.

I am writing this post at midday on Monday. When I woke up there was some light rain and wind, but it’s not rained in some time. We’re still just waiting. The highways are closed and most every business is closed. Even my employer took the unprecedented step to close. I suppose they learned from all the blizzards and Hurricane Irene in 2011. I feel very thankful that I did not have to wake up early this morning, or have to use personal/vacation time in order to stay home.

My weekend was spent preparing. I already had some food on hand, but needed to pick up a new flashlight and some extra provisions. Since I have an interest in preparedness, this was not a cause for panic for me. But people here in Connecticut seem to have a collective amnesia about weather. You should see what driving is like during the first snowfall of the season. Not to mention the rush on eggplants at the first hint of a snowstorm*.

It’s very rare for power to go out during a storm here. The only time we lost power for a significant amount of time over many years was back in 2008, when someone crashed in to one of the town’s power centers and knocked it out for a LOT of people.

The only reason trouble I’ve felt in the last few days was an odd panic yesterday. I was almost panicking over the fact that I was not worrying very much. So many what ifs ran through my head. What if power goes for a long time? What if my (expensive) milk goes sour before I can do anything with it? What if a tree falls on the house?

Have I mentioned I am a control freak as well? And anything where the situation is out of my hand is something I don’t particularly relish?

Thankfully I have people in my life who help me stay grounded and calm (thank you again Fox), and was able to figure out just what was bothering me. Which is why I realized I was panicking about NOT panicking.

Pretty silly, isn’t it? I’ve done as much as I can. I know where to go if something happens to the house. And most of all, I know my neighbors will help out as well.

The rain has started again, and I am trying to win a very tough boss battle in my video game, so I shall leave it at this.

Stay safe all. We’ve done what we can. Now we ride it out.

*Something my friend Tina noticed years ago. In addition to hoarding all the paper products, people seem very keen on having as much baba ganoush as possible.

2 responses to “Battening down the hatches

  1. That’s funny about the eggplant! Stay safe Soli and be sure to read some good books in your downtime. šŸ™‚

    • I’ve barely read anything today because we still have power. Right now I am drinking a Black Russian cocoa and watching The Good Witch on netflix instant. Nice night if you ask me.

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