A quick weather update here

The storm has passed, and the skies are only now starting to clear up. We’ve had no real damage at my house, though some streets in the neighborhood are apparently not passable due to either trees or wires being down. I am not sure which. The worst thing to happen here was the cable going out just before 5pm. I was able to make dinner (a sirloin tip cooked in the oven with some broth, red onion, and broccoli thrown in with 30 minutes left to go), and later had a Black Russian cocoa (recipe below!) and watched The Good Witch on Netflix instant. My employer is again closed today which means I was able to sleep in and can spend today crafting. If you have stories to share from this storm, I invite you to add them to this post.

Black Russian Cocoa
Cocoa, as made to your liking

1. Prepare cocoa as you like. Mine was made with a Parisian drinking chocolate I was gifted with some years ago. 2/3 cup of the mix blended into a cup of warmed raw milk.
2. Pour cocoa into mug of your choice. Having one of those large, wide mugs is great ambiance for this kind of drink in bad weather.
3. Add 1 oz. of kahlua and 2 oz. of vodka to your cocoa and stir.
4. Drink and enjoy!

I hope all of you are safe and are able to recover your lives quickly.


3 responses to “A quick weather update here

  1. I’m so glad you stayed safe, Soli! I love The Good Witch, it’s a lovely film. Dinner sounds delicious. 🙂

  2. I can never fully understand why storms make me want to cook—especially bake—and have chocolate, in some form. Being afraid I might soon lose electricity, I made a beautiful lentil vegetable soup early in the day and kept it warm, and baked some impromptu oatmeal apple cookies when the wind was really howling. No chocolate to be found. All is well here in my central New Hampshire yard, with one tree down and a busted fence. We’re all lucky!

  3. So thankful to hear all is well, Soli, I was praying for you. 🙂


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