Watch Genetic Roulette online for free!

Especially take note of the discussion in the credits, about animals rejecting GMO feed when they have been given a choice.

Do you know what has been done to your food? Do you know that the majority of industrial corn and soy grown (and eaten) in the United States have been genetically engineered in some way?

There is little documentation of the safety of such foods to be eaten. And a lot of controversy over whether they should be labeled.

If you have been looking for information on this subject, watch this documentary. It’s available for free on YouTube. Watch it and think about it for yourself. Remember that many of the people advocating for these foods are people who benefit financially from their manufacture.

And if you are in California, this is a big deal. On October 6th, one of the propositions on the ballot is Proposition 37, which would required foods to be labeled when they include genetically engineered ingredients. Many traditional food bloggers have been speaking out in favor of this labeling. Raine from Agriculture Society has a wonderful post here about the proposition and the dangers of genetically engineered foods. Also take a good, hard look at who is funding the opposition: the same companies who benefit from these foods.

Whether or not you live in California, look into this. The more people who know, and the more discussion happening, the better off we will be on the whole.

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