Holiday gift ideas for 2012

source used under a Creative Commons license.

Last year I posted a long list of various gift ideas for the assorted December holidays. You can check it out here if you’re looking for some independent artisans to patronize, give a look here.

What I want to focus on this year are sweet treats you can make for yourself and others.

Nourished and Nurtured has both cookie recipes galore and homemade gifts ideas.

Have you heard of amigurumi? It’s a specific form of crochet which started in Japan. If you do crochet and need to make something up for a toy lover, take a look at We Love Amigurumi.

There have also been a lot of recipes coming through my blog reader. Perhaps they will give you all some ideas.

You can’t beat an eggnog recipe especially when it includes a raw option. Neo-Homesteading has been posting a lot of great treats recently, go have a look!

This white chocolate cranberry bark from Nourished Kitchen looks incredible!

From Hella Delicious, we have coconut pastachio and cherry toffee, cherry pecan ambrosia pompoms, and coconut taffy marshmallows with pistachios and cherries.

Here’s a ginger spice bread from Loving Our Guts which is grain-free, so it’s perfect for anyone in your life who is doing a primal or paleo diet or a specialized diet for healing.

You can’t go wrong with carmelized pecans made by the Real Food Freaks.

GAPS Diet Journey has another treat good for those who are on specialized diets: Chocolate coconut fudge bites.

And one more treat good for those working on their digestion, bourbon balls which are gluten and grain free from Amy at Real Food Whole Health.

I haven’t been able to make much in the way of gifts this year, but this weekend I plan to do two specific items: a salt scrub and bath salts, both with frankincense oil for good health.

And one last share which I wish would become more of the norm in this country, Holistic Squid has 3 simple steps to a minimalist Christmas.

What are you making in the coming days?

One response to “Holiday gift ideas for 2012

  1. Thanks for the shout out. These ideas all sound so great!

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