A Top 12 for 2012

source used under Creative Commons

Either today is a Friday like any other, or we’re into the first week of a new apocalypse or evolution. No matter! It’s a nice day here in Connecticut, though snow is in the forecast for the weekend. Hopefully not too much, because tomorrow two of my cousins are flying in from Sweden for a visit which means a needed drive to New York City to collect them. Having roads not icy or slick with snow, and the stupid drivers which come out then, will be a big help.

Oh what a year it has been. I am going to do more of a review over the weekend to put up for New Year’s Eve, because I still have some more thinking to do on what the year has been like. As always, I wish I could have posted more. But my bout of (likely adrenal) fatigue is just about gone and now I need to work on rebuilding my stamina. It can happen, I have confidence in that. I also hope to get a good deal more in the way of posting around here. There are also some bigger plans on the horizon, if I can work on the time balancing.

In the meantime, I did write some posts which got views during the year. Are you ready?

12. Grain-free Swedish pancakes, which were a huge hit when I first posted them… LAST year.

11. Politically incorrect nutrition: a review, which would be a good title to consider reviewing if you are looking to change your diet or explain to others why you do as you do with your food.

10. Making a better oatmeal, and I think it’s time for me to start eating this for breakfast again. I have not had it for several weeks for various reasons, mostly that I did not feel like I was getting enough to eat in the morning.

9. My favorite cough remedies which is only a few weeks old. Have you had to implement either of these in your house yet?

8. How to make gravlax which is another older post, but who can resist cured salmon?

7. How to get whey, another basics post from early in the year. (Oh I was so motivated in January!)

6. Today I will love my body, which I am so proud of having done and want to do more body-positive posts like this.

5. How to (really) make milk kefir, and I will be straining some after I finish with this post.

4. Sewing with a plan which was a guest post form my friend Noël. Every new year I find myself wanting to take a sewing class but it never happens. Right now I will be honest and tell myself I do not have time to do this in the near future. I will just admire all of you who do it!

3. How to sprout lentils. Who would have thought such a simple technique would have ranked so high?

2. Basic domestic skills everyone should know, another 2011 still getting a lot of hits. One of my hopes for 2013 is to be able to turn each item into its own post.

And now for number 1…
Sprouted lentil soup. Maybe I should start cooking more with sprouted legumes. It seems like there is a need for such foods.

And a few which didn’t make the cut, like how to make an elderberry tincture (and I just strained off mine earlier in the week), the wisdom of listening to your body which is something everyone should learn, and one post I never wanted to make, which was in memory of Her Highness, Honey.

What have you enjoyed reading this year?

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