Making plans for 2013

I cannot believe we are mostly done with another January. Of 2013.
Isn’t this supposed to be the future? With flying cars and Rosie the Robot taking care of my house in the sky? I suppose there’s a lot more wait for all that.

I wish the start of my year were so interesting, but instead it has been a mix. It’s been about having two of my cousins here from Sweden, and dealing with a sore throat which has been plaguing me on and off for weeks. But they are now back safely in Sweden, and I seem to have beaten the sore throat. Now I am working on staying focused and getting more of my long term plans back on track.

I’ve decided that my word for this year is change. In particular, I seek positive change. I want change which will benefit me, not blindside and leave me on my rump. And while I don’t much care for resolutions anymore, I do have goals.


Some people know about this plan, and I’ve hinted about it in other places. This year I want to move.
Specifically to the San Francisco Bay area. I visit every year, have a large circle of friends and chosen family in the area, and just want some big shifts to get my life out of this stalled place it is in. What this means, though, is that I need to get myself in gear and apply for jobs left and right. It’s been just over a year since I got my Master’s degree in library science and it would be nice to be able to put all that learning to use.
Though to be fair, one of my cousins is a librarian in Rhode Island. She has told me that with her employees who got an MLS, it takes them about three years to get a position.
Good thing I have a nice pile of jobs I can apply for in my desired living area. Now I just need to get on that horse and ride. Which does somewhat lead into…

2. Get my health back to what it was.

If you have been following the blog. <a href=";?Facebook or my Twitter for a while, you know I have been having issues with fatigue for the past year. I don’t much want to discuss my personal health issues here (see point one, and the fact that I will use this blog to point out my writing skills to potential employers) but I have made an appointment to get some tests done to see if there are any underlying issues which are keeping me in this sluggish state. It’s frustrating when I don’t have the energy or focus to do the things I love, like my work on this blog and continuing my belly dancing. I also gained a good amount of weight last year and I am not comfortable with carrying it around.

3. Take this blog to the next level

One part of this is already in motion and I will be announcing it in the coming days. I’ve been swearing up, down, right, and left that I am going to put this blog on its own domain. Good thing I am seeing the friend I want to have do the job in a few weeks, and I’d like to get some more income streams aside from my Mountain Rose Herbs affiliation.
I also want to do more research for posts here, post more often, starting weekly, and keep a level of integrity with my work.

4. Participate in one dance performance or hafla this year.

Since I have mentioned my belly dance before I think it is fair to include this goal in my list. For those who do not know, a hafla is a belly dance party/performance which is usually for other dancers.

5. Unload more of my belongings.

This comes with wanting to move. Who wants to take a bunch of stuff with them when they move which they don’t want, just because they haven’t been able to go through it? I have collected some items for a new place and it would also be nice to know what I have before I go in to a new place.
Also, getting rid of the unwanted stuff means some possible extra income.

6. Become more present in my life.

Last month I got hit with a proverbial clue by four about how I have been functioning for a year. Life is not a list of things to be crossed off and done and then rushing off to the next task. Yes I had to do this during my grad school time in order to make sure everything got taken care of. Now that I have time again I don’t have to rush. It’s so difficult to shift back into that kind of work pace. And with the fatigue, it’s been too easy either to forget or stall. Much of my energy has been focused at my job. Last year we had three people leave from my office: two retirements and one person accepting a new job. This made my workload double. At least.

What are your goals for this year?


One response to “Making plans for 2013

  1. My goals this year are: To continue to build a stronger relationship with God, Be a patient wife, be a witness to others who are hurting and make people smile (: LIVE!!!!!!

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