Where things stand – an update

It’s been quite a month here, most notable for some snow, and my neck of the woods set the record for the most snowfall. My workplace was closed for two days again, just like during Sandy last fall. Then the first day my employer was open again, I took off for my annual visit to California. It was grand! I need to share some photos here. I also gave my first talk about traditional foods along with my friends Kelli, a real food mom, and Bari, a holistic nutritionist. The room was full, people were open to hearing what we had to say, and I’m already inspired to do more talks for this particular group.

I also need to post some photos from this trip. The amazing thing was that I took them! I saw (and smelled) the Redwoods and watched the Pacific crash against cliffs in the same day. I played tourist and enjoyed the company of friends I only see on rare occasion. Vacations are my time for renewal and recharging. The challenge for me is not to forget what I learn while I am gone.

I’m also thrilled to announce that I am now a member of the Nourished Living Network!

I hope all of you are thawing out and enjoying the lengthening days.

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