A Kickstarter for real foodies and ethical omnivores everywhere!

Have you ever imagined raising your own animals? And even being able to butcher and put them up yourself?

Okay, maybe only so many of you. In our culture there is a huge gulf between farmers and butchers and their customers. Once upon a time butchers were a common sight in every neighborhood. Now for most people who eat meat, it’s just slabs of stuff in cellophane and styrofoam.

Three years ago in Portland, Oregon, a woman named Camas Davis decided she wanted to learn to butcher. As part of her education she started the Portland Meat Collective, finding others who also shared her interest and desire. Now she is looking to expand her project through the Meat Collectives Across America Kickstarter.

There are two weeks left in the campaign. As I am writing this post, there is $146 left to raise to meat the goal. I get nothing out of this post, just the joy of seeing such a needed project come to fruition.

Maybe one of those new meat collectives will even come to Connecticut… in the meantime I need to decide how much I can afford to give to the project!


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