Good bye gluten, I’ll miss you… and hello fun times!

Before I start on this post I would like to say that any dosing I mention is specific to my situation and should not be taken as a suggestion for anything else.

Just a few days after I posted my last update I had some interesting things happen. I had my follow-up consultation with Bari and told her the results of my meeting with the endocrinologist. At that point I was not sure what I could do and was feeling dejected with the situation.

Her response was anything but what I was expecting. She was thrilled! Because I was not given any prescriptions she had a broader range of options to suggest for me to try. Clearly I was still having troubles and was not at my usual self. That’s why I went to the doctor and why I hired my friend to help me. She still believed I had thyroid issues, even though my numbers were “normal” and also likely had adrenal issues still affecting me. As they did not show up in tests she dubbed it “sub-clinical.” This is because what is supposed to be my normal and indication of abnormal might have their own levels.

With the first consultation she suggested I cut down on gluten. I had been doing this some at her suggestion anyway, back when I saw her in February. Now she said it was time to cut down further and move toward a gluten-free diet. In addition, she suggested some herbs to add for supplementation. From the first time, I started doing a small daily dose of maca for hormonal balancing. Another her she mentioned, which I could not find at first, was Siberian ginseng also known as eleuthero, to help boost my energy levels. With this appointment, I got the scientific name, went out the next day, and found some in powdered form. I take a dosing in the morning along with the maca and a pinch in the evening.

My first morning taking eleuthero was May 9. The difference in how I felt from the day before was night and day. I went to work, did what I needed to do, and felt sharper than I had in far too long. I got through more of my work because I did not have to pause to remember what to do next. I kept getting up to do little things around the office. The next morning I felt better rested, despite having had less sleep than what I like. It’s not a placebo effect either. The change has been consistent over the last week and a half, and I feel it if I do not have the evening pinch.

There is one last supplement to be added and I am awaiting its arrival. That is tyrosine, an animo acid associated with the thyroid.

Now on to the diet changes…

Pizza! used under Creative Commons license.

The Saturday after my consultation, I had lunch plans with one of my closet friends. She and I had not gotten together in months for any sort of conversation and we have a long standing tradition of long lunches at a pizza place near my house. We caught up, laughed, plotted, did all we needed to in the course of the afternoon, and shared a medium pepperoni and mushroom pizza.

I got home from dropping her off at her house, and crawled right into bed for a few hours of nap. For the rest of the day I was feeling tired and muddled and could not do anything. I had the feeling that lunch would be my big goodbye to gluten anyway, and proved that I had to make the change. Since then I have still had some foods with wheat but each time I feel the reaction. It reminds me of the way I felt when I used to have asthma attacks coming on.

Going gluten-free in our culture is HARD. I have to rethink much of what I have eaten on a regular basis. Bread is gone. Beer is out. When I go out for food there is often a large portion of the menu now off-limits. It takes thought before I order.

While I like the shift in my energy levels, there is also a down side for me. For so long I have spent my days just getting through the moment and much gets pushed to the side. This is both literal and figurative. And I want to DO something about all this stuff now. Clean up all the piles, sort through the stuff thrown in corners, spend days writing up all the ideas in my head. It would be easy to go into overdrive and do it all in the course of one night but that would backfire so much. Now I am learning to pace and prioritize, a lesson I’ve been trying to get down my whole life but thus far have not.

It’s been a lot of change. I’m taking my time and not kicking myself for a lack of supposed perfection.

The “fun” part is coming next week… and it will be both fun and tough. This past Friday I went into Manhattan to see my favorite band. Oh I needed that night. Brilliant music and got to reconnect with some of the most incredible people I know. And in just over a week I can enjoy their sounds again.

I just hope the tracks are fixed before I go again. I got down there without incident but getting home was a challenge.

So that is where things stand with my health right now. How are all of you doing?

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3 responses to “Good bye gluten, I’ll miss you… and hello fun times!

  1. To be honest, you totally won’t miss gluten at all in about a week when you’re feeling 8 million times better 😀

    • I think what I might miss more is the ease of it when I go out to eat. If keeping it out of my diet for some time means I get my health back some more I will be glad to go through with it!

  2. Karen Scribner

    There is still plenty of food to eat.

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