As seen on the internet, June 15, 2013

It’s time for me to try reviving the weekly link wrap up posts! There is so much I come across during a week and my librarian self just wants to share. This will also be an experiment in my taking more photos, so I have something nice for you all to see.

This photo is from my New York trip. My handsome companion is guitarist Gyan Riley. When he walked into the Stone on the final night and I saw his shirt, I demanded I get a photo of it.

First up, a plug for one of my other halves. Mandy, my best friend who has contributed posts here, is setting off into a journey of self-employment and delving into the world of traditional foods. You can keep an eye on her life at Palmer Fancy Freelance.

Well, apparently Bill Gates is looking at getting into the egg substitute business, under the idea that the earth cannot handle the growing demand. This article sums up why I am so fed up with food conversations now. So many people see the current industrial model as the only one possible. Yes, we have seen how it does and does not work. So the only solution seems to be getting rid of the animals altogether. News flash: those animals are a big benefit for the land when raised and treated right, and eggs are a cheap source of great protein, fat, and micro-noutrients like vitamins A, Bs, D, and choline.

If you missed it before the real signs of drowning are nothing like what the media portrays. If you click just one link from this post, please make it this one.

I swear, I want to throw this in the face of every person who says we all just need to go to veg*n to deal with the food shortage on the planet. No, let’s perhaps first start with making a huge cut in the amount of food we waste in our culture.

As a nod to my professional life, there is currently a fundraising project to save manuscripts damaged in the library destruction at Timbuktu. If you missed its first happening, the destruction happened back in January.

A big note for parents out there that the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics has found that CT scans increase a child’s risk of cancer.

And now on to some good blogging!

The Homesteading Hippy has a giveaway of a great selection of items from Tropical Traditions!

Cooking Traditional Foods makes a DIY shower scrub to ease your budget and worries about chemicals in enclosed spaces. KerryAnn has also shared about a body wrap which shows amazing results for tightening up saggy skin around the torso.

I think I am going to need to pick up some chicory and dandelion root at the store this weekend to prep some of thise nummy looking herbal coffee substitute from Delicious Obsessions. Jessica also has a lovely looking recipe for homemade sunscreen.

How is this for a sweet treat? Chocolate chocolate chunk cookies over at GNOWFGLINS.

The Nourishing Gourmet shares a recipe for homemade mayonnaise and in excellent timing, Lisa’s Counter Culture gives you some ideas of what you can do with it!

Since I am cutting out gluten more from my life, I keep looking for alternatives. Here Kimi compares several grain-free noodles.

Patty from Loving Our Guts has a great sausage scramble to try for when you are tired of having a lot of eggs in the morning.

After all that real food, how about a DIY high fructose corn syrup kit?

Still don’t have enough to read or watch? Then let me suggest this documentary on Vimeo called Salmon Confidential. Wondering what the problem is and don’t have time to sit through a documentary? Take a look at this article about what is happening to wild salmon.

And now for a little fun, how about Thomas Dolby and Buzz Aldrin singing together?

Enjoy your weekends!


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  1. Thanks for the feature Soli! Much appreciated! 🙂

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