As seen on the internet 6/28/13

For months I have been telling people about how much I have been doing at my job. Since last fall I have been doing the work of at least two people, and sometimes things are going to slide. Take a look at just how backed up I am.

This is what one part of my desk looked like at the beginning of the week. The upper part are all gift and transfer books which have been accumulating since September. About three days of work just to handle those. The books on the bottom (Librarians, I know they should not be there! I needed them off the shelf to grab invoices to pay, and there is nowhere else for them to go.) are books where we get every title published in a series. I estimate about 300 there. One plus of doing acquisitions work is that there is a period in which I cannot access that module due to end of year and rollovers. This leaves me a nice chunk of time to get to everything else which tends to go to the side.

The other plus to my work time right now? On Monday much less of this work will be on my shoulders as we have a new acquisitions person coming on staff. I am so excited, both to have less of a burden and because I like the person hired.

So if you are wondering why I got a little quiet, this is a lot of the reason why. Most of my energy still goes into the dayjob. I got a cosmic clue by four recently about the difference between “making time” and “taking time.” This means I am going to focus more on taking time to blog and comment, as opposed to an idea that I can somehow create it from whole cloth. I’m not that good!

With all that out of the way, here’s some good material I’ve found online this past week. Enjoy!

My friend Dawn has coming up with an ingenious method for turning homemade cookie dough into something like the logs you can buy in the supermarket. At least with one of her recipes you won’t be eating something more like a chemistry experiment!

You don’t need a talking glove to help you made this scrumptious “hamburger assistant” from Neo-Homesteading.

In traditional food there is often a lot of focus on fertility and raising healthy kids, and as such talk about the best ways to get pregnant. For a long time the advice has been to do so younger, as after 35 things go downhill. Or do they? This article from the Atlantic magazine demonstrates a lot of what is wrong in fertility research and reporting.

Are you interested in learning about herbalism? Or are you just a lover of Kickstarter? Natural Living Mamma has just put up a project to fund her webzine premiering this fall, Natural Herbal Living magazine. I’m wondering if I can swing my budget to get the year subscription complete with boxes of herbs and related materials…

How about a simple, delicious, 3 ingredient savory pancake recipe to liven up your meals, form Beyond the Peel?

This is the best response I’ve seen to the controversy around Paula Deen and the N word.

There are also a few contests happening right now which might catch your fancy.

Cultured Mama is giving away Real Salt! This is the salt which gets the most use in my house. It’s delicious!

Delicious Obsessions has a giveaway for fish!

And GNOWFGLINS is giving away a gift certificate for Wise Choice Market. If you have been wanting to try fermented foods, traditional prepared baked goods or nuts, or any of their other fabulous offerings, but are hesitant, this is the one for you!

Stay cool everyone!

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