As seen on the internet: July 5, 2013

Monarchs on Houston
Monarchs on Houston, spotted when I was in New York a little over a month ago. I seldom see these butterflies here in Connecticut but there is something comforting about seeing them in the urban sprawl.

It’s July, and that means counting down to yet another birthday. How is it that I am almost 39?

For this birthday I am making a birthday wish like I did two years ago. In 2011, I wanted 500 Facebook fans by the time I turned 37. This year, I am aiming for 2,000. When the year started I was just over the 1,000 mark and things have felt like they are exploding. And I am only 116 fans away from that number. If you have not done so already, become a fan!

Now on to the weekly roundup…

This article speaking of the truth about size zero is required reading. I want to pull quotes from about half the article when looking at it. If you or anyone you know has any sort of body dysmorphia issues, please read/share. I still work on loving my body though I am struggling now because of the health problems and weight gain. But I’d rather be in the place I am right now than fainting multiple times a day, eating tissues, or going on a drip in a hospital so I can cater to crazy fashion designers.

Think that those “healthy” menu choices at chain restaurants are a help for people trying to lose weight and “eat better?” Think again. They can actually make it worse. Once again I feel like my stance on “healthy” eating is justified.

“Why? Mr. Fitzsimons called the phenomenon “vicarious goal fulfillment.” By seeing a healthy menu option at a restaurant, “it basically satisfies that goal to be healthy,” he said, and gives consumers leeway to order what they want.”

Our ideas of the develop of agriculture have again been turned on its collective ear, with the discovery of wheat kernels and legumes in Iran.

Until now, she says scientists had thought agriculture arose in the western parts of the Fertile Crescent — a region that includes Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Israel — because that’s where all previous evidences of early agriculture came from.

And from the blogsphere:

You might have caught a post recently saying that Costco is selling inferior quality coconut oil. Is this so? Whole New Mom put on her detective hat and searched for herself. Short answer: untrue. Go check out her post and find out why the coconut oil available there is cheaper.

It’s that time of year again and Common Sense Homesteading has a bunch of home remedies for sunburn.

It’s been seven years since KerryAnn from Intentionally Domestic learned she had celiac disease, and speaks about the blessings of having chronic illness. I have to admit, with my own thyroid and adrenal problems, I appreciate how she feels.

Maybe you’re looking to freshen up your cooking routine. Try out these basics for stir fry from Cultured Palate.

This sugar-free, dairy free, raspberry cream soda sounds like a perfect drink for a hot weekend like the one I am having.

And finally, surviving a produce auction and great turkey photos from the Homesteading Hippy.

Stay cool and have fun!

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2 responses to “As seen on the internet: July 5, 2013

  1. Hey there, Soli – thanks for sharing my post. One thing I don’t understand is the link isn’t showing up clearly. It’s black type while the others are blue. I wonder why that is?

    • Hi Adrienne! That’s probably because you have looked at the link directly before. Anything else would be links you have not specifically looked at before. So glad you stopped by! 🙂

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