The easiest way to slice an avocado

Your avocado is ripe now. But you’re not quite sure of the best way to slice it up to get it out of the skin and into the bowl. When an avocado is ripe, it can get messy.

I don’t remember how I learned this method of slicing, but it works and makes life a lot easier.

1. Slice along the long part of the avocado down to the pit and split in two.


2. Remove the pit by lodging the knife into the pit.


Then twist slightly, pull out, and dispose.


3. Slice the meat of the avocado lengthwise several times to create strips of the meat.


4. Turn the avocado 90 degrees and slice into strips again. Now you will have “cubes” of avcado.


5. To get the meat out, turn the skin inside out. Use a spoon to get the last bits out.


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