The fastest way to make an avocado ripen

Avocados are a tough fruit to work with sometimes. I often feel like they are hard as a rock, fine for five minutes, then turning bad right before your eyes. Last year I got tired of spending money on avocados only to have to throw them out because I missed that moment.

Since I couldn’t get my money back, I started to think of how I might be able to speed up the process. My mind brought up bananas. Bananas produce ethylene gas as they ripen. This gas can speed up the ripening process for fruits around the banana. (source) At the time I did not keep bananas around much but thought I would try the idea with avocados.

It worked! Now I don’t worry about buying hard avocados, even if I need them the next day. I know I can get them ripe fast.

This is how I do it.

1. Buy avocados. Don’t worry if they’re hard or a little soft. We will handle that soon.

2. Place avocado(s) (yes even one can work) in a paper bag.


3. Let the avocados sit. Bonus points for being in the sun and/or a warm place.

4. Check on them the next day. They should be getting softer to the squeeze.

5. When they are ripe, enjoy! You can slice them up and eat as is, or include them in another dish like guacamole or avocado gazpacho.

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