Friday reviews: John Cleese’s Wine for the confused

At this point, it’s no secret that I’m a librarian in my professional life. With that comes a love of reading as well as other media. And a lot of that media does revolve around food. Over the years there have been SO many documentaries, books, and articles I have read on the subject. Some have found mention here on the blog but many have not. I want to rectify that.

This is why I am kicking off Friday reviews today. It will happen as I have time and energy for it, but hopefully I will get at least 1-2 a month on here. If you are interested in having your material reviewed, you can find my contact information here.

To kick things off, how about some wine?

Wine and humor. For those two things alone you may be sold. If not, then I suppose I shall say more.

John Cleese made his name as part of Monty Python. I think it says a lot about my personality and humor that the show was an influence on me when I was young. He’s now an ex-pat living in California and loves wine. Pinot noir, as we learn in this special. In the course of about 40 minutes, Cleese covers the basics of wine grapes such as types, the need for grapes to be small for flavor, and that both birds and film crews can be banes on wine makers for decimating their crop.

To start the special and help makes his point, Cleese hosts a wine tasting party at his house with some of his Hollywood friends. Ten points were awarded for the surprise appearance of Brendan Fraser on the screen. (Hey, eye candy is good for the soul!) The party includes blind taste testing for the following points: wine preferred, price of the wine, and whether the wine is white or red.

Oh, you didn’t know that taste buds could be fooled like that, could you? Seems that they can.

You might also be interested to know that this group of well-off people could not tell the difference between a $5 wine and a $200 wine. This leads to the single biggest lesson of the program:

Do not let anyone else tell you what wine you should like.

Price is not the sole determinant of what is a good wine. Your best bet is to find a good liquor store and become friendly with the staff there. They will be able to help you learn about and choose wines.

If you are curious about wine and want to learn a little more, this DVD is for you.

Thumbs up!

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One response to “Friday reviews: John Cleese’s Wine for the confused

  1. Definitely getting this DVD. Thanks for sharing your review.

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