As seen on the internet: July 14, 2013

(Note: This blog was mostly composed before a certain news event exploded in the United States. Do not take my light tone as any indication of any response to said event.)

For this week I am going to give you another peek into my life.

This is my new bathroom. It took over two weeks of work to get the bathrooms redone in the house but it is worth it. For the first time as an adult I have a bathtub which is not like a wading pool. Now I just need to find an evening to take a real soak. I love this bathroom.

Some other things happening:
During the weekend of the 4th I added another cut to my growing list of animal parts I will eat. Tongue, the meal that might taste you back! A long time ago I declared that heart meat might be the gateway into offal. Tongue is along the same lines. It’s a muscle but a little something more. Taste-wise it is not likely to be difficult for you to palate. (Oh this could just load up with unintentional puns.) My farmer sells it for $6 a pound, and for grass-fed anything that is a great price.
Musically this has been a stellar week. At the start, Pearl Jam announced a US tour for the fall and I am waiting to hear which tickets I might get a hold of through the fan club. Then there was the second announcement.

YES NEW ALBUM! Which I still have not pre-ordered. At least this is not something where I have to worry about it selling out. Which is of note because…

Secret Chiefs 3 are touring again this fall, opening for the band Goblin doing their first ever U.S. tour. And when I dawdled on buying tickets for the New York show I discovered it was sold out. Oops. But joy of joys, another show got added and I bought my ticket for that the minute they went on sale.

Yes I can learn.

And I have also decided to cut back on the TV watching again. This seems to be dependent on my overall health and life, how much I watch. For the last few years, between school then health crash, I would have it on often for entertainment and background noise. Now it is not as necessary and I need to cut that visual and audio clutter down.

Finally, last week I mentioned my birthday wish of having 2,000 fans on Facebook. In that span of time, I gained 100 fans and now have 15 left to get there. If you are not already there perhaps you would like to be now?

Now on to links!

Here is a Kickstarter project coming to the end of its campaign to get non-GMO, non-hybrid seed diversity boosted in the Northeast. They have made their goal and now have a stretch goal of $30,000. Can you help them?

Two contests you can still enter: Lisa’s Counter Culture is giving away ghee! If you have not cooked with this fat before you are missing out on something special. Common Sense Homesteading is giving away a starter kit of essential oils

And for some awesome blogging:

Stitching Hearts Together did a link roundup a few weeks ago of lentil recipes, and my tutorial for sprouting lentils along with sprouted lentil soup are included.

Savoring today is putting together a project of comfort food for the victims of the Black Forest fires in Colorado and shares veal parmigiana. You can also learn the benefits of rooibos, which is my own tea of choice for daily drinking, make eggs in an avocado nest, and savor recipes for vanilla and strawberry cherry kefir ice creams.

Off of food, Patty from Loving Our Guts is included in and upcoming book about trusting your intuition, and a tutorial on the best way to reseason cast iron

Given my new bathroom I am glad to have another option for a shower cleaner.

Melissa Norris has a guide for avoiding GMO food, though take note that there are only a few commercially available GMO crops at this time.

I might have to start trying to do my nails again, thanks to Delicious Obsessions.

And finally, kittens!

And through the joys of social media, I discovered a new blog this week. Check out how to capture a swarm of bees and a new kid’s business on Homestead Lady.

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5 responses to “As seen on the internet: July 14, 2013

  1. Thank you for the link love!! 🙂 I also love your new bathroom. It’s very pretty! I’ll never forget when we finally got our bathroom remodel done. It was like going to a nice hotel compared to the old bathroom! May you have many pleasant evening bubble baths to relax! 🙂

    • It was an irritating few weeks as the work got done, since for a while there was not even one fully functional bathroom. *grumbles at the previous lack of sinks* but oh is it worth it. Still have yet to take a bath though…

  2. Thank you for the link backs to! Love your blog!

  3. Thank you for sharing! I also appreciate a good bath, when I can fit it in! 🙂

  4. Thank you for the link love! I know you are so proud of the new bathroom – it looks great!

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