Party planning and delicious recipes: A peek in the real food ebook bundle

I have been working my way through the titles in the real food ebook bundle this week and have been enjoying all of them. The material in here is fabulous, user-friendly, and makes me want to run into the kitchen and make up some of it on the spot!


KerryAnn’s Real Food Party Menus is the perfect reference if you want to bring traditional food into the larger gatherings, especially if some of your guests might think you’ve gone all “weird” in your diet. The food listed in all three menus are familiar, only without any vegetable oils, high fructose corn syrup, or surprise soy. Not only do you get the list of foods and the recipes, but also the instructions for preparing in advance, such as soaking beans or marinading meat. There is also space in each plan for jotting down your own notes. Whether you are a meatloaf or cut of prime steak person, your next party is set here.

If you are not familiar with it, the GAPS diet is a healing protocol popular in the real food community designed to heal the digestive system and used to help with a wide range of health issues. If you’re on this diet, the following book should be a mainstay in your kitchen. Even if this is not the case you are sure to find something to whet your appetite in Beyond Grain and Dairy.


From breakfast through dessert, Starlene has developed recipes which eliminate the dairy and grains which have become difficult for people to digest without sacrificing taste or ease. The only two ingredients with which you might not be familiar are coconut and almond flours. Otherwise it is all “normal” food: real fats, meat, vegetables, some honey and fruit. Everything is covered here to keep you from feeling deprived: recipes for hashes, pad Thai, hummus without chickpeas, faux corn bread, smoothies, pretzels, French toast, brownies (!), and one I need to get into the kitchen and make soon for myself, pumpkin poppers! Free from grain and gluten.

Have I convinced you yet? These two books alone would cost you around $24 if you purchased them separately. This week you can get them, along with ice cream recipes, a second gut-friendly cookbook, and a new book about teaching kids about the kitchen, for $13.95!


One response to “Party planning and delicious recipes: A peek in the real food ebook bundle

  1. As of now, I feel so interested of the recipe’s..It so delicious..Party foods will give you as an example if people admire the taste of your food..This blog is so informative..Many thanks!

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