The Weekly Churn for February 9, 2014

I used to do wrap-ups on the weekend called “As Seen On the Internet” but decided that as part of my reboot, I would change the name. When I mentioned it to Mandy, she came up with the Weekly Churn.


I’m still working on getting myself back to a point where I am posting on a regular basis. I don’t get irritated with myself when I can’t match my self-imposed schedule at least. And I am keeping busy. Visits to New York City, going back to my job and getting used to that schedule again, seeing friends, still working on estate matters, and two new responsibilities…


After coming back from my holiday trip to Florida and starting in on the weekday work schedule again, I got to feeling that the house was a little too empty and quiet for my liking. My mind started to debate between getting a cat or getting guinea pigs. (I had enjoyed spending time with the one in Florida.) Some investigation into both and a visit to a local no-kill shelter and I opted for a cat. Or perhaps two. The black and white boy in the photos grabbed my attention, as did a female grey cat who was very friendly. On my second visit I found out the grey had more health problems than I want to handle right now, but I was still liking the tuxedo boy named Stark. When I mentioned my idea of having two cats to one of the staff members, she said “Well, Stark has a sister.” A sister, it turned out, who was never in her kennel and always hidden somewhere. I saw her and loved her coloring right away. Another visit to see how we responded to each other, which is where I got the photo above, and then the shelter made calls to see if I would be a fit feline parent. They said yes, and a week later I took these two home.

The female was originally named Whittaker, but I was not liking that name. And a name like Stark gave me a few ideas of inspiration for her name-to-be. I decided it would become one of three: Arya, Danerys, or Pepper. Some thought and strategic conversation brought me to the conclusion that Danerys would be best for her. A name she could grow into. Which she has. Within days she had stopped her habit of hiding in every waking moment. If I am in the living room for a while she’ll wander out and sit a few feet from me. She may not want to be petted, but at feeding time SHE is the one rubbing against my legs until I put down the dishes. And Stark is a total mama’s boy. He wants petting, cuddles, lap time, and brushing. We’re all still adjusting to each other but it’s an easy transition and they’re a joy to have in the house.

Affectionate furkids!

Affectionate furkids!

And now on to some reading!

First, an Indiegogo campaign from a fellow NLN blogger. Brenda and her partner Levi are seeking funds to convert their family farm to permaculture to help heal the land. This is a great project and I hope they get a lot of support.

Because any mention of fermentation in the media deserves more mention, Sandor Katz of Wild Fermentation fame was on Science Friday last month to talk about the joys of fermented foods.

For those of you continuing to seek motivation in your new year’s goals, here are tips to get more movement into your days and ways to switch over to real food from processed.

Mountain Culinaire takes on the elephant in the room of food talk: sugar.

I love this helpful guide on ways to transform leftovers and make the most of your food.

As someone with a diagnosis of ADD on the books, I appreciate any practical suggestion I see for how people can manage with the condition. Paleo Diet Basics discusses the links between ADD and food colorings.

Something I tend to forget to do even when I say I need it is take breaks during my day to relax and nurture my spirit.

Little Owl, Crunchy Mama has recently gained national attention because she has not used shampoo on her hair for five years. She’s been the talk of the Today show and was a guest on The Doctors. The publicity has gotten her to thinking about beauty her words need to be shared far and wide.

Finally, the Homesteading Hippy shares seven things which must be in your car during the winter.

And one more shot of the cats…


What have you been reading this week?


One response to “The Weekly Churn for February 9, 2014

  1. Thanks for including my post about leftovers! Sweet cats – I have a black and white female; we lost her brother a couple of years ago. They were quite a pair!

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