Expanding my reach and rethinking

Some days I am amazed I can keep my head on straight, much less anything else. Which is why it has taken me a week to post here that I am now a regular contributor to Delicious Obsessions! I’ve loved Jessica’s blog for years and over that time we have become friends. I feel honored to be able to share there and reach a wider audience.

Speaking of audiences… I have not forgotten about all of you. Every day I think about this blog and wish that I had the time and energy to post here. Taking care of my mother’s estate and planning her memorial (happening in just over a month) are still taking up the majority of my time. And yet I am trying to keep all my irons in the fire, and not able to keep track. IT occurs to me that for all my desire to maintain social media, it’s supposed to be about THIS blog. So I have decided that for at least the next month I am going to work more on posting here and less on trying to catch all of you on Facebook. As it stands, Facebook claims that I am not getting a lot of views right now. On that front I remain skeptical but still, the point of the page is to drive people here.

So what can you do to help?

Share my posts. Drop my blog into your blog reader or sign up over on the side for email updates. If you want to take the extra step, shop through my affiliate partners Mountain Rose Herbs and Tropical Traditions, and check out the Nourishing Living Summit which starts next month. Pulling in money from blogging is a great incentive for me to be more active here. You can also help to feed my cats… she says as Stark has taken over her lap while she tries to type.

And because everyone likes cats, here is Danerys. These two continue to amuse and impress me, especially her. Just over a month ago Danerys wanted to hide all the time. Now more often than not she is out in the living while I am here, and visible too! This is a photo I took of her recently, when she jumped up into a chair next to where I was sitting. And without any prompting either! Stark does remain a mama’s boy and it is such a comfort to have a cat who is a so affectionate to me.

The Khaleesi is comfortable

The Khaleesi is comfortable

I hope all of you are doing well, managing the transition to Daylight Savings Time, eating well, and taking in the sun as much as you can!


5 responses to “Expanding my reach and rethinking

  1. I’ve shared on my FB page, Soli, and re-blogged. Your site and FB page deserve more recognition. You have loads of great stuff on there, and anything I can do to make more people aware them is the least I can do. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on lingib1960 and commented:
    Take a look at this brilliant blog!

  3. Yay! So happy to have you join me on my site! 🙂

    P.S. Khaleesi is cute! And, I love her name — it’s almost GOT time! 😉

    • Naming her Danerys leads the way for all sorts of good nicknames. And right now I am struggling to type this as her brother Stark is in my lap demanding attention. 🙂

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