About me

Hi, my name is Soli*.
And I believe in butter.
How can you not? It’s delicious, simple (just milk and sometimes some salt), wonderful for cooking and spreading or melting on food, and is a fat your body can properly digest.
I also believe in raw milk, liver, grass fed meats, vegetables, cheese, sourdough bread, EGGS and FISH!
I’ve stopped believing in processed foods, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, soy, animals raised in factory farms and eating things they never would when left to their own devices, lots of sugar, ultra-pasteurized anything, and in general most of the “convenience foods” sold in the US.
As I continue to build this blog, expect to see a lot of posts about real food along with forays into voluntary simplicity, environmentalism, and social justice.

You can email me at ibelieveinbutterblog at gmail dot com.

*Rhymes with Julie. If you’re wondering, it’s an old Swedish name. Yes, my entire family is Swedish, I was born in the US, my mother was born in Sweden, my father was born here, his parents emigrated in the early 20th century.


18 responses to “About me

  1. Well HI!!!!
    I remember you from Kelly’s Rookie class and the forum!
    Nice blog you have here! Gonna have to check this out! 🙂
    I am setting up a blog too, its not public yet, but its about living the country life in the city .. . .gardening, scratch cooking, and such !!!
    Nice to see you again!
    Happy Blogging!

    • Hi there, I can’t wait to see your blog! I wish I had space to garden but it’s not quite an option in a condo. Also really need to get back to going through the rookie course. Oh free time, where art thou…

  2. Hi Soli,
    I’ve stumbled upon one of your responses to Cheeseslave’s post “How to Cure Tooth Decay with Rami Nagel.” You’ve stated that your teeth have been straightening out since following the WAPF. Is this really true? My own experience has been that one of the spaces on one side of my teeth have become noticably wider within these last six months of eating lots of cheese, liver, other organ meats, eggs, etc. I can literally place my tongue through the space. Does this mean that our palates are getting wider? The orthodontist even stated that if I wanted to, I can close the space up with braces. If there is anyone else who has experienced these noticable changes in their teeth through this diet, please comment too. This is very interesting!

    • Hi Erica,

      Yes I do believe this is the case and I’ve heard some other anecdotal mentions of it, I believe over at Nourishing our Children on Facebook. I still have a small jaw and mouth (legacy of my father) which means some crowding in there, but it doesn’t look to be as pronounced as it has been for most of my life. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting braces again but I think it might wait a little while longer until I know where I am going to be living. (Close to finished with my master’s degree and wanting very much to move to the San Francisco bay area. Would not be wise to start such a major procedure then need to find another dentist.)

      It’s so exciting to hear other people having similar experiences!

  3. Hey,
    I was born in Sweden just like your parents..I’m glad I found your blog..

  4. I don’t seem to be able to get your email address to be recognized so contacting you here. I hope you don’t mind. I can’t seem to find that FaceBook page that you mentioned in your comment on Kelly Kitchen Kop where you spoke about getting a free coobie bra with your ordered one. What site did you shop at? I would love to try these and thought I would look for the best deal. 🙂

  5. Hi Soli
    I have been getting your blog via email for quite a while but I didn’t know you were Scandinavian…….. now I KNOW you are good people. 🙂 LOL. I am Finnish, born in America. So to be politically correct I’m Finnish American. (I hate those labels, I am being a tad sarcastic here. )

    ….. aren’t there only 2 people in the world. Scandinavians and people who wish they were??

    • *laughs* Wow, you said I’m good people even when you’re a Finn and I’m a Swede. 😉 Though it is true. And Finland is GORGEOUS. I’ve only seen a little bit of Helsinki but I’d definitely go back again.

  6. Yes! I believe in butter too and have made very similiar food choices to the ones you state above. Found your site today looking up ideas to make soup out of some dried legumes I accidentally sprouted by letting em soak too long. Great recipe by the way (sprouted lentil soup – but works for anything similiar). I’m passing your site on to other ethical omnivores, in our ongoing battle against vegan propaganda, trying to teach about the balanced and natural diet. I love dairy products and only eat the best quality. I’m lucky enough to live in a food-producing region so I can get all local stuff from small farms. Speaking of butter, people may think it’s a lot to spend £2.50 on a butter stick that would cost £1.50 if a mainstream brand, but I really do not think that is a lot of money to spend on something so delicious and politically and ecologically friendly as my small farm butter!

  7. Please take the sourdough bread off of your good food list. All of the wheat in America is hybrid wheat, not real wheat. It is not GMO but can be sprayed with RoundUp before harvesting. It will make you sick. US breadflour is bromated, unlike flour in Scandinavia.

    • Hi Karen. I’m aware of the issues around modern wheat as well as the current controversy with GMO wheat found in Oregon. However, not all wheat is like that and it’s also possible to make sourdough with non-wheat flours. Also I am currently cutting out gluten from my diet to help with my healing.

  8. I think you will find that most people on this and other “real food” blogs actually grind their own flour. I myself grind most of my flour from imported Einkorn wheat and make it into delicious sourdough . . . .
    Though I occasionally make a “wet batter” from the whole grain berries in the blender.

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