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Reboot, or, 2014 Here I Come!


I decided back in November what my key word and theme would be for this year. After the year I had, I realized that this coming year was going to be one where everything could change. Before I had ideas of moving and finding my first full librarian job somewhere else, but hopefully in California. Now I own a condo and just want as much stability as I can have for a while. This year I rethink my plans and priorities and figure out what I want. Just me.

I have a bunch of ideas and desires for the year, and I am fully aware that they may not all come to fruition. They exist as a potential destination and to give me something more to focus on than settling the rest of my mother’s affairs and going to work day in and day out.


1. Continue to rebuild my health

It’s been almost two and a half years since my health crashed after finishing my graduate work. The past year has seen some marked improvements, but I knowingly and willingly put a certain amount of my healing on the shelf in order to take care of my mom. And you know what? It was worth it. My own health never went so far back that I could not help around the house, and it made her life easier.

So involved in this goal is:
*Continuing my gluten free diet and incorporating more nutrient-dense foods and supplements. Included in this, I am thinking about cutting down on my sugar consumption. It’s not huge but enough that I want to look at it.
*Regaining my stamina and endurance.
*My hope it to build up my immune system enough so that my allergies go away. In the time I’ve been doing traditional foods, my asthma has gone away, for a time my allergic reactions (which are now almost exclusively to animals) started to subside, and my chronic knee problems became minimal.
*Dance, dance, dance, dance. I’m putting it under health because this involves movement. Today will be my first belly dance lesson since early November and I expect I am going to be just a little rusty. I still want to dance professionally, or at least semi-pro, and that means more practice and finding haflas where I can perform.

2. The Home Front

Oh there is a lot here. I own one now. My big plan is to make this house into my home.
*I need to clear out a lot of my mom’s stuff, donate it, gift it, etc.
*Settle all the estate stuff. Much of it is already happening but there is still more.
*Redecorate the house some.
*Take care of my own personal debt and make it go away. The biggest plan for this is that I am going to read and work through Your Money or Your Life.
*Re-evaluate the household bills.
*Get all my own stuff reorganized, figure out what I need and want, and get rid of the rest.


That’s the whole basis of this blog right? Now that I am living on my own, my dietary needs and likes get to shine. There are only two items in this part of the resolutions, but they are big for me.

*Get back on the fermenting bandwagon. I’ve kept up with the milk kefir since 2011, sourdough went to the side when I went gluten-free. It’s time to do more. I drink two bottles of GT kombucha each week and suspect it would be much better for my budget if I make my own. (If you are in southern Connecticut and have some extra SCOBYs you’d like to re-home, drop me a line!)
*Vary up my cooking. I have plenty of cookbooks, blogs, saves on PInterest, and free meal plans. There is no excuse for me not to make a wider range of foods. And related to that…
*Create, and post, five new recipes this year. Over the weekend I did some experimenting and made what can qualify as the first. Look for it next week!

4. This Blog

Oh sweet blog, I have had you going for four years now, and have never given you the attention you deserve. This year I want to change that.

*I’ve contacted the friend I want to have turn this little WordPress site into its own domain.
*Get up to three posts a week. One original content, one media review, one wrap up. I was starting to do this last summer but could not keep up the pace then.
*Boost my views to at least 10,000 hits a month. Last year during my short active period I was able to surpass 3,000 a month without much effort.

If you would like to help with these endeavors, you can shop through my affiliate links with Mountain Rose Herbs, the Detoxify Your Life course, and ebook sales as they come up.

5. The Fun Stuff and Wishes

I miss crafting. This year I want to take up my knitting again, my cross stitch, practice crochet more, start sewing, make my own body care products, all that kind of stuff. My hands need to work. Buying my eldest niece a lap loom for Yule, and then both of us learning the basics of weaving, has inspired me.


The house is also a lot quieter without my best friend here, or her one year old daughter. There may be a cat or guinea pigs coming into this house. That will depend on the aforementioned allergies.

I also want to keep up my education, read my books, develop my professional skills.

And the big one… I hope to go to Sweden and Iceland in June for Midsummer celebrations. The last time I was in Sweden, and the only time I was in Iceland, was 2001. It’s time to fix that.

So what do you have planned and hoped for in the coming year?

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The 2011 Weight Loss and Wellness Challenge

Happy new year everyone! Have you made your resolutions yet? I have a few, but I am deliberately keeping the amount low because I still have a lot on my plate. The first of those goals is this: Kelly’s 2011 weight loss and wellness challenge. Three weeks to start implementing whatever you choose, so long as it relates to wellness in a Real Food way. I know I need them after the past week of eating just a little too much at every meal. I can feel it in my clothes already.

I will not be telling you my weight in numbers, but if I have a goal there, it’s to drop the weight gain of the holidays. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Here are my official goals.

1. Eat a more diverse range of foods.
For all my love of food and all sorts of food, I have long periods in which I tend to eat very similar things. This is especially true when it comes to lunches. During the week I just make the same sandwich and bring it to work. On the weekends I do try to make things a little different. I’d love to find lunches which I can eat cold or prep the night before. What I really need to do is make more food for dinners and turn that into lunch for the next day.

2. Dance dance dance!
I’ve been taking belly dance lessons for about a year and a half. My teacher wants to have a hafla this spring. I am nowhere NEAR ready for such a thing. Which means I need to do a lot more practicing. I’m in a more advanced class during the week, but it’s time to add. The class my teacher teaches down the street from my house has moved from total beginner (which is why I left and started going to the advanced class) to something more my speed. I also need to make time for private classes, and work at home with the DVDs I have.

3. Cut down on grains.
Note that part above where I spoke about sandwiches? I do like bread. Granted, it’s homemade sourdough without any white flour, sugar, or vegetable oils, but it’s not the best foundation for a diet. Especially so if I want to get my weight down.

4. Meditate.
I need to bring this practice back into my life. Sometimes I get bored with it. Sometimes my life goes haywire and I feel guilty for taking that time to sit and simply count breaths. It’s good for me though and it keeps me healthy and calm. I have been ignoring it long enough that when I try to meditate now, I cannot get my mind to slow and stay within that moment.

What are you real food/wellness goals for 2011? Are you going to be taking part in the challenge too?